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kitea coil
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Location:fort worth, Texas, USA
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League of Legends everyday message if you wanna play with me :3
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Teemo ftw~
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hah a new change hell yes screw this world :3
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kitea coil writes...
at 10:12:32am on 1/1/14
Nevermind rechanged my name to (Kitea Coil) on League of legends :3 anyways bai
kitea coil writes...
at 5:51:33pm on 11/8/13
I Don't get on here often maybe twice a year if you really want to find me add me on League of legends: (Thetacomanderp) thanks~
Stantonphl writes...
at 12:53:17pm on 4/20/13
Hey haven't seen talked to you in a long time and I hope you're ok.
Zauriel writes...
at 10:20:25pm on 9/2/12
my cell crashed X.X
Zauriel writes...
at 5:28:38pm on 7/29/12
okey mew, normaly we need to be connected to have the inviite XP
Zauriel writes...
at 9:45:31pm on 7/25/12
ook n.n but I havent had an invitation yettt
Zauriel writes...
at 6:59:34pm on 7/23/12
yes I am n.n and my name there its Zauriel Mooncat n.n i use a LOT Lulu and Tristana n.n my BIG weakness its blitz and naut...
UrAllNoobz writes...
at 1:45:34am on 6/24/12
enjoy the thumbs down nub ahahahahahaha!
Zauriel writes...
at 2:02:31pm on 4/13/12
meow me eather n///n how have you been? n.n
bugboy8 writes...
at 8:07:28pm on 3/3/12
k, I am going to assume that your skype name is the same as your prof name?
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