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Member of the FFR community. I play video games a lot.
Rhythm Games, First Person Shooters.
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Rock, Heavy Metal, Dub Step, Glitch Hop, Contemporary, Video Game OSTs, Rap.
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Let It Shine, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Maleficent, Greyhound
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Posted on: July 4, 2015, at 08:30:48pm   [1 comment]
Because when someone asks me for it, I don't feel like digging through the forums or telling them to dig through the forums. <--R^3 Engine (newest engine)
Posted on: February 18, 2015, at 02:55:37pm   [5 comments]

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furioso6660 writes at 11:54:00am on 3/3/21
=) thanks bro
furioso6660 writes at 11:17:50am on 3/3/21
furioso6660 writes at 10:13:56am on 2/28/21
The tokens give an advantage in the avg rank I want to reach the top 100 top only newbie in avg but at my level I am somewhat stagnant, the tokens are very difficult to unlock without going up to d4. I hope the tokens give a lot of ranks to the avg
furioso6660 writes at 8:33:24am on 2/28/21
take care bro . hope better soon
furioso6660 writes at 6:39:56am on 2/27/21
I have had a problem with rondo alla turca I have made it fc but there was lag in the middle of the song, 99% complete I want it to be assigned to me fc : have nice day
FlynnMac writes at 11:34:22pm on 2/23/21
Thanks man <3
furioso6660 writes at 5:17:16am on 2/23/21
oh god what's up friend did you have an accident? are you OK?
furioso6660 writes at 5:00:36pm on 2/22/21
Friend, you will always have my support. This year it is difficult for everyone but you have to get away from violence and toxic people .. love your life and your environment, respect yourself, get up and walk.
furioso6660 writes at 7:13:39pm on 2/21/21
o/ sup
Chaos345 writes at 1:08:34pm on 2/6/21
bruh I forgot about this website, but I accepted your fr anyway lolmao