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The One hander!!!
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hi, my playstyle is 3 fingers on the arrow keys if you need to know anything else just ask.
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Comment wall
scusethetude writes at 12:25:29pm on 11/1/20
One hand FTW! :)
HBar writes at 1:26:12am on 7/6/20
Thanks popo, good luck to you too and nice AAA! Which is even more impressive if that was one-handed.
Hakulyte writes at 1:47:26pm on 7/4/20
merci :)
^Sorrow^ writes at 9:00:20am on 12/15/15
Yeah I see, you're a freaking pro. Keep it up a bunch, I admire your skill.
^Sorrow^ writes at 3:39:28pm on 12/13/15
Hey dude, congratulations on 9,000,000,000 score. I think that not only is it amazing that you have gotten this far but the fact that you are a one hand player. My thoughts that came through me recently was switching to two hands after about 6 years of ffr. I think that it was a mistake using one hand for my entire reputation and I think that it's more fun now with two hand where I can go somewhere passed just 40 rank songs. How do you feel about your hand position?
CDCan writes at 10:18:57am on 11/22/15
First person to write on your wall this decade. (and you still play which is awesome)
PzycKoRatty writes at 1:13:45pm on 12/3/09
nice gamin with ya
WhyCry writes at 11:01:59pm on 6/25/08
Thanks for the return.
WhyCry writes at 11:01:29pm on 6/25/08
You're welcome :P
sarahxjane writes at 2:35:33pm on 5/28/08