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Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario
League of Legends, Mahjong, Osu.
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Stuff that sounds good.
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I don't really watch movies.
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Posted on: December 16, 2011, at 09:35:24pm   [6 comments]
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I love you!
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Hurleyisgod writes at 11:50:29pm on 7/31/22
Elite Ninja writes at 11:02:14am on 5/16/22
de geso
Sky Kitten writes at 11:26:17pm on 1/21/22
Sounds great!
Sky Kitten writes at 10:52:32pm on 1/21/22
Yeah. Looooots of nurses, PSWs, etc. are needed here. It's an old age town. Looking forward to seeing you again! (Maybe AN~?)
Sky Kitten writes at 10:33:36pm on 1/21/22
It's okay :) yeah, I wouldn't mind moving either. Peterborough isn't exactly the best for job opportunities. It's very healthcare oriented here, so getting out of here after my degree would be ideal.
Hopefully after the COVID shit, I'll have to see how much taller you've gotten. :p
Sky Kitten writes at 10:22:14pm on 1/21/22
Nope, been in Peterborough for the last 11 years. Although I went back and forth between here and Toronto for 8ish years before unfortunately my mom passing away in 2019. There's always the opportunity to come back or be at least nearby depending on the job opportunities!
Sky Kitten writes at 10:13:44pm on 1/21/22
We're all getting old, lmao.
I've been good all around! Aside from family shit, I'm done at university this spring, am engaged, and trying to adult as best I can. Awaiting next steps in life. :)
Still in Toronto, I assume?
Sky Kitten writes at 10:07:09pm on 1/21/22
hope you've been well! what's been going on in life!
.Layne. writes at 10:06:32pm on 1/21/22
hi ally
Sky Kitten writes at 10:04:50pm on 1/21/22
you're online