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About me:
Touhou lover who hates how his father is always picky about my interests.
Touhou, Music games, Touhou, socializing, stepping for stepmania, maths, listening to music, did I mention Touhou?
Fav Music:
TOUHOU ARRANGES. Generally rock or metal. Anything hard, catchy, or amazingly epic really. But mostly hard.
Fav Movies:
I guess anime stuff, and some others like Transformers, Lord of the Rings, and other epic movies like that.
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Fuck I actually changed my avatar for once
Posted on: September 1, 2014, at 09:42:23pm   [0 comments]

(I'll change it back to normal after a bit but Tsurara too cute)

Sorry if I don't respond to comments quickly
Posted on: March 11, 2013, at 05:44:18pm   [0 comments]
If I don't respond to your comments quickly it's either because:

1) I'm busy with school
2) I looked it over once while I was busy but then forgot about it
3) I don't remember what we talked about if you responded after a while because you delete your comments from your wall (mostly my bad because I have terrible memory).

These are usually the big three reasons.

Oh hey it's my birthday :V
Posted on: July 7, 2012, at 07:04:26am   [4 comments]
Go me

Gonna stream Skyward Sword tomorrow!
Posted on: December 28, 2011, at 10:15:53pm   [1 comment]
around 4 - 5PM EST

Will update with link when it starts!

So apparently...
Posted on: October 18, 2011, at 05:38:19pm   [2 comments]
...r21freak doesn't like me or my files because I take all their fans and hype away with my touhou pad packs.


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pop'n gumi is best gumi
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ive been great and u? >w< school is starting tmr >w< and i miss ur old picture >w<
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HELLO. HOWD U BEEN? (did i reply u last time? i thought u did but i really cant remember >w<)
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No response :(
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