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Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 7, 2014, at 12:11:13am   [6 comments]
can be found here:
feel free to post any issues/requests,etc.

EDIT: no longer working on this theme now-

stepman theme test
Posted on: March 6, 2014, at 06:40:55pm   [3 comments]

~(choofmode coming soon)~

poe hardcore deaths
Posted on: May 9, 2013, at 12:02:13am   [10 comments]
as of November 8 2013
number of characters killed: 12

rip dithering (templar - 19) Apr 28 2013
plague reich chaos damage aura + poison at chamber of sins.

rip samesamepaku (marauder - 29) Apr 30 2013
died while afk at marketplace sewer entrance.

rip trigface (witch - 27) May 2 2013
swarmed by mobs upon starting act 3.

rip butanic (witch - 13) May 3 2013
swarmed by flicker strike mobs at ship graveyard cave.

rip wineandbread (ranger - 4) May 30 2013
swarmed by mobs after being frozen by hailrake.

rip groundpork (witch - 9) June 2 2013
goatman shaman fireball at rocky climb.

rip spindry (witch - 34) June 7 2013
piety lightning 75% lightning resist....?

rip overjoy (witch - 33) (onslaught) June 9 2013
shield charged to death at barracks.

rip maniera (witch - 39) (cruel onslaught) June 10 2013
frozen then killed by merveil's daughter on cavern of wrath.
(accidentally had two lightning resist rings instead of cold)

rip EarthTowerDevotion (witch - 48) (cruel onslaught) June 14 2013
instajibbed at vaal ruins level 2. I popped the granite flask in panic but I still ended up dying.

rip FDFD (witch - 17) (onslaught) June 15 2013
oak leapslam while pressing town portal.

rip improveyourtiming (witch - 50) (cruel onslaught) June 23 2013
flicker strike + discharge at marketplace sewers. Tried to alt+f4 out, but I saw a "resurrect" message as I did.

Edit: rq for a while
Edit2: playing again but.... sc domination league

Posted on: January 10, 2013, at 10:20:35pm   [6 comments]

RIP Keyboard ;_;
Posted on: July 17, 2012, at 11:29:02pm   [6 comments]
or more specifically rip wireless receiver 2007 ~ 2012

I need to get used to MAing on this keyboard again before round 3 begins orz

Edit: not happening
Edit2: and it didn't happen

Comment wall
ronny segalowitch writes...
at 7:53:01am on 2/1/19
Resonnance writes...
at 2:33:42am on 9/18/15
can you help me to send me the new version of your theme?
the older is always crush when I play with it.
BilliumMoto writes...
at 9:37:50am on 7/16/15
That makes sense I guess, but if you could make an option to have it appear on top, that would be awesome. For now though, what do I need to do so the "flawless" text shows up lower on the screen (so it isn't blocked by lane cover)?
BilliumMoto writes...
at 11:07:18pm on 7/15/15
yo how can i make the shiny "flawless" text show up on top of that lane cover
EzExZeRo7497 writes...
at 3:03:54am on 5/11/15
I'll check this out when I boot up SM again, thanks in advance!
EzExZeRo7497 writes...
at 8:54:38am on 5/10/15
Hi! Saw your theme and it looks really promising, I'm not sure if someone asked you this or not but would it be possible to have a modifiable screencut option in your new theme? It's pretty much the only thing that's stopping me from switching to SM5 in the first place and I don't really want to open up Task Manager as a screencut all the time. It'd be really useful I'd imagine, and it'd probably help a lot of SM3.95 players transition to SM5 as well
Sidek writes...
at 12:16:59pm on 5/5/15
honestly i don't know enough about smoc people just they are cool and has crazy jacks.
very skilled
amazing.. :P
Sidek writes...
at 12:16:03pm on 5/5/15
i didn't knew smoc people came here since 2007
I just wrote that because i remember when Eternity posted something in the SM Scores Thread.
0 writes...
at 9:54:51pm on 3/9/15
s1rnight writes...
at 5:29:33am on 1/13/15
gender: canada
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