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This is a super-old profile, from back when I had a recurring presence on this site playing FlashFlashRevolution. That's all to really say for now ~
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PrawnSkunk writes...
at 12:22:48am on 12/12/18
Thanks for the vote! :)
Godnick writes...
at 3:03:12pm on 2/14/13
Happy 24th B-day! Nice username as well.
CAFK writes...
at 4:14:10am on 12/22/12
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Scott! How's life? I occasionally sign into FFR to see if they ever will fix Vc. Looks like no, which blows. I miss it and everyone in it. I still talk to a decent amount of VCers, surprisingly. Glad to hear from you :3
Jub writes...
at 9:40:31pm on 12/19/12
Ancient profile; love it.
karumordu writes...
at 9:40:05pm on 12/19/12
Not really, pretty much everyone who frequent now are new people.
karumordu writes...
at 1:30:36pm on 2/13/12
Scott! How've you been man? I myself have been fairly well, just working with computers and the likes. Fashion sense? You must jest! I miss VC so...
kid_merkury writes...
at 1:05:47am on 1/23/12
of course man! you taught me how to play CoD remember? haha
kid_merkury writes...
at 7:44:40am on 10/11/11
u need to sign on psn again - i refuse to remove you from my buddies list!
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 3:53:18pm on 10/7/11
Good luck! :D
nice to meet you too.
xTiff3rzx writes...
at 10:47:26am on 10/7/11
Maybe right now, you'd like to make more money... but the time will come?
& What do you do for a living then?
and that's good! great way to think.
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