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My name is Kinsley. I'm a pretty easy going,fun guy and I love acting,music,God,sports,friends,long talks,my family,singing,rock,punk,broadway,jazz and pretty much any style of music. I can rock goin' to a concert anytime!! Hanging out,PartieS,moshing,2 Step,head banging,dancing,being stupid,talking deep,most everything. I have a kick ass family and have been blessed with a pretty easy life. Done local acting for about 4 years and want to someday tour with my own band and sing lead vocals. Making people laugh,playing music and entertaining is what I'm all about.
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to many to put :p
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Check out
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Do it fool!

New pics again
Posted on: December 1, 2006, at 04:51:31pm   [0 comments]
More recent :P

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new pics :p

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God loves you.

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bunnybooboo writes...
at 3:12:56pm on 3/7/07
kbeckinsale726 writes...
at 3:26:19pm on 2/21/07
its ok.. i havent been on here in months too.. ha well ttyl.
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 7:17:12pm on 1/18/07
I am happy for you man! rents are keeping me away from my true love...
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 7:29:45pm on 1/17/07
hey bro whats up?
girllover10 writes...
at 2:06:04pm on 1/17/07
hey whats up man
Gamerchic14 writes...
at 10:01:51am on 1/16/07
Lol well it isn't bad but if you want my personal opinion. It's just too much piano/keyboard. If you had more of something else, it would be good :).

But thats just my own opinion.Keep up the good work!
Gamerchic14 writes...
at 4:42:53pm on 1/15/07
Hey, checked out your music site. Pretty cool. Not my type of music though. But still cool :)
Gamerchic14 writes...
at 2:51:52pm on 1/15/07
lol np. How are you?

I'll be sure to look at your site :).
Gamerchic14 writes...
at 12:54:10pm on 1/15/07
Random Hello :).
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 6:47:15pm on 1/11/07
yo man it's been to long! life is being boring again and depressing a
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