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JamMasterflash writes...
at 2:25:26am on 1/1/07
By the way, can u plz add me?/??
zackzack133 writes...
at 2:14:23am on 1/1/07
happy new year!!
flashfr writes...
at 6:12:02pm on 12/11/06
hey wats up
timatima22 writes...
at 4:23:03pm on 12/2/06
timatima22 writes...
at 4:47:14am on 12/1/06
whats up, can u add me to ur buddy list
timatima22 writes...
at 8:01:40pm on 11/27/06
i love that song Do Your Chain Hang Low, wat up, nice to meet u, my name is tim
zackzack133 writes...
at 10:14:40pm on 11/26/06
you are cutie
KrazieAsian writes...
at 10:05:12pm on 11/21/06
just going around profiles,
wanna be buddies?
TD_GenoCid3 writes...
at 10:58:37pm on 11/20/06

im-like-a-pimp writes...
at 5:20:30pm on 10/19/06
im ugly and not a pimp yay for me.i rly need uh pik of myself.
livefully writes...
at 1:11:44pm on 11/18/06
Hey girly whatz up?
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