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Hello thar! My name is Katherine and I love to make people laugh. So in response to that I may come off as sarcastic, random, and hyper at times lol I\'m different than everyone in ways you will never think of. I\'m a great listener, and polite in nature. I don\'t cheat, (especially on guys), and try my best to honor my God, Jesus Christ, which means I do not like any of the following: Drugs, Alcohol, sex, and LANGUAGE. I go EXCELLENT with others who treat me the same as I treat them, but if you or others offend me in any way and or go against the following I just gave you, It means \"bye\" to you. When meeting someone for the first time I\'m extremly shy, but once I hang with you for a real long time that changes very drastically lol I often come off as outspoken and very full of life, but inside I\'m really sensitive. I have been mistreated at school, since day one and still try to cope with others. Lately, guys seem to like my image and not ME. However, someone from FFR has overlooked all of that, and has decided to stay with me =)(Laf)However, right now (while being with Laf), I have found a boyfriend so I am praying for God's will to be done with my relationship situation, as well as the rest of my life as well~ Laf is and AMAZING guy though.....look him up! Everything else is pretty much said in the other boxes if you\'re lookin\' to getting to know me =3
Square Enix, Animation, Pixar Animations, God, KARIN, Chibi Vampire, Kingdom Hearts, Tea, Italian food, Anything Disney, Ummm Lol Get to Know Me
Fav Music:
Piano, Country music, Hip hop music, Techno, Japanese Pop, Anything That Brings Joy to My Ears, Gospel music, Slow Music
Fav Movies:
Toy Story 3, Shrek, Narnia, Harry Potter, The Time Traveler's Wife, Titanic, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Letters to God, The Notebook, Disney Pixar, Comedy, Romance films
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ULTIMEGA writes...
at 8:38:15am on 8/1/11
Kingdom Hearts. Very nice.
pure_NRG writes...
at 11:50:36pm on 3/25/11
Sephiroth28 writes...
at 11:07:28pm on 3/24/11
Nice Kingdom Hearts theme. :D
pure_NRG writes...
at 1:16:47pm on 3/16/11
I'm doing good u?
NCAAUCLA writes...
at 8:23:03pm on 3/12/11
yeaahhh my lip felt pretty weird and now i have this weird gap in my mouth:/
NCAAUCLA writes...
at 9:26:52pm on 3/11/11
nothing much just got my teeth pulled it sucked alot:/
NCAAUCLA writes...
at 4:38:32pm on 3/9/11
hoof it writes...
at 4:12:52pm on 3/6/11
I got a new profile instead it is pure_NRG kind of like my old one:) I will try my best.
hoof it writes...
at 3:11:28pm on 3/1/11
hoof it writes...
at 1:37:10pm on 2/27/11
i want to try and do mp, this is beth not bri. us girls share this one because our profiles r not working:(
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