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Metal, going to concerts,makeup playing guitar, working on my music and laughing.
Fav Music:
METAL, METAL AND MORE METAL!!!! I like all types of music I LOVE CLASSICAL MUSIC! TECHNO,TRANCE,etc. & Tango (like Emilio Balcarce and Osvaldo Pugliese) and I admire Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, VINNIE MOORE, Tony Alpine, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kirk Hammet & Alex Scolnick. Favorite BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Dethklok -Metallica -DEATH -Cancer -Enslaved -PESTILENCE! -Summoning -Suffocation -Nokturnal Mortum -Sepultura(early) -Powerglove -Dissection -Disincarnate -Malevolent Creation -Eucharist -Entombed -Massacre -Obituary -Moonspell -Dissillusion! -Immortal -Mastadon -Garden Of Shadows -Limbonic Art -Mayhem -Old Man's Child -Megadeth -AC/DC -Lja -Cacophony -Primus -Mystic Circle -Cattle Decapitation -TESTAMENT! -Nile -Circle Of Dead Children!!! -destroyer666 -thy antichrist -Finntroll -Pantera -Anorexia Nervosa -Acid Bath -Judas Priest -Decapitated -At The Gates -Dying Fetus -Lacuna Coil -Dark Funeral -Exhumed -God Forbid -Amon Amarth -Korn -Kreator -TOXIC HOLOCAUST -LOST DREAMS -Lux Occulta -SLAYER -Arch Enemy -Children Of Bodom -Dark Funeral -Deicide -Bathory -Celtic Frost -Cradle Of Filth -KALMAH! -Mirrorthrone -Ill NINO -Dead Eyed Sleeper -Cannibal Corpse -Carcass -Dark tranquility -Lamb of God -Satyricon -Rammstein -MORBID ANGEL -Behemoth -Possessed -The Haunted -Dismember -KRYPTERIA -Obituary -Iron Maiden -Macabre -The Dresden Dolls -Mortification -White Zombie -Vehemence -Anthrax -Steeler -Emperor -Dismember -Motley Crue -CREAM -Scorpions -Hatebreed -Black Sabbath -Coal Chamber -Celldweller -Napalm Death -Dark Lunacy and any many more!! Trust me ,I can go all day
Fav Movies:
I just watch alot of movies
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The whole album is EPIC!
Posted on: October 29, 2010, at 12:55:55pm   [2 comments]

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holymegaflare writes at 7:22:33pm on 2/23/12
Love your list of bands there :))) XD
The Dead Man writes at 5:13:42pm on 12/18/11
your pretty
Sidek writes at 8:56:46pm on 11/4/11
How have you been?
-paexaea- writes at 11:34:02pm on 10/19/11
Tis I, my dear. <3
sakura080789 writes at 7:54:45pm on 10/5/11
why are your eyes all blahhhhhhhhhh? and i am bored too
sakura080789 writes at 7:47:36pm on 10/5/11
yerp you know it gaby 10K worth in credits but worth it. so whats up?
3StarLogo writes at 3:16:36am on 9/17/11
Baby Momma!!!!!!!! :D
Bluearrowll writes at 6:32:47pm on 9/16/11
Are you sure you have no other form of communication currently? lol
Bluearrowll writes at 6:23:53pm on 9/16/11
I am unsure if you are getting any messages.
Bluearrowll writes at 5:59:38pm on 9/16/11
Don't disappear now :o