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Hallo, I'm me and that's probably all your gonna get until i know you. Other than that, i have 6 siblings(5 of which are girls) and i'm the oldest. I like to talk to people about anything, especially if they don't swaer, it works out better.I'm a christian and love God first before anyone, and that's never gonna change. If anyone ever needs someone to write, i will write back ( again no swearing).
Music, Instruments, Movies(no horror, ever), Picking on my family( it's a new day every morning!), and going to church. Kingod Hearts ANYTIME!!!!!
Fav Music:
FFR, nickleback, Some linkin park, Utada Hikaru, and Jump 5.
Fav Movies:
Passion of the Christ( that movie will make you cry), FF7 advent Children, and Live Free or Die Hard, and all Pixar movies.
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Posted on: March 27, 2008, at 08:54:37pm   [0 comments]

You Tube Find
Posted on: March 27, 2008, at 08:25:08am   [0 comments]
Hi all. I thought some people might like to here what my dad found on the comp. We've recently been getting a lot of pop ups and virus's, which is making our computer run VERY slow. If you'v noticed, I don't have any more You Tube vids on here, and there is a connection. When a pop up comes up, my dad found out how to find where it originated from, Right click on it and go to properties. All of the pop ups we've been getting are from there, which really stinks because it's such a huge thing.Well, thought some ppls might want to know that, TOODLES!

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koolio_Girl writes...
at 11:42:05am on 5/13/11
*what i said on fb*
Dear Luke,
I just wanted to let you know, How much you will be missed when you go to Japan. I am VERY proud of you and and I will continue to wait for you, never too far behind. If you need anything, I'll be here so if you want to call when in need, I'll be there. I love you more than anything; more than you know.
~God bless, Katherine ♥
koolio_Girl writes...
at 3:09:31am on 5/10/11
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY SORA!!!!!! I don't know when you'll see this, but I know that when you do, it'll bring back memories ^_^
koolio_Girl writes...
at 12:53:18pm on 2/6/11
Bye Laf =)
koolio_Girl writes...
at 3:38:34pm on 11/7/10
Hiya! (I wanted to be aprt of it xD)
purenrg:D writes...
at 3:17:12pm on 11/6/10
ElementDay writes...
at 3:16:02pm on 11/6/10
koolio_Girl writes...
at 11:41:41am on 10/18/10
Hey....I'd like for you to see something....if you please....
koolio_Girl writes...
at 11:05:32am on 11/1/09
Hi lol xD
Laf writes...
at 4:48:53pm on 9/28/09
aNimation, its a lot of fun. And I'm also yob hunting as well. My problem is that theres so many college students, most are already full.
Castles5 writes...
at 4:01:13pm on 9/28/09
Well, I betcha college is a lot more fun than what I'm doing. I get to job hunt in an area that doesn't have any jobs. It's really boring. What are you studying?
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