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I am a Christian and PROUD OF IT!!! I am fourteen! I am Laf's and purenrg:D's and hoof it's sister! I have a ton brothers and sisters! I don't really know what my personality is...
Music, horsing around with my siblings, Anime, Manga, FFR, and God! My Fav Manga would have to be right now Pandora Hearts! I am starting to read Bleach Cuz' I heard that that was good...If you have any that you really like tell me please!
Fav Music:
I like Faber Drive, Barlow Girl, Some Three Days Grace, Superchic[k], Some Breaking Benjamin, The Fray, Some Ke$ha, Evanescence, and my Fav is PARAMORE!!
Fav Movies:
X-Men, How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story Three, Karate Kid, Mulan, a lot of Disney, Spirited Away, and my Fav Lilo and Stitch!
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koolio_Girl writes...
at 8:51:40pm on 2/17/11
Hai um, lol. I've asked a lot now and I probably sound a taaad annoying but can you re add me on fb? Something has happened and I need you back again.
koolio_Girl writes...
at 5:53:40pm on 11/17/10
Hey. Tell me when you're on next time so ewe can play MP ok? (multiplayer)
koolio_Girl writes...
at 1:37:49pm on 11/17/10
Hey! (Omg your profile is awesome...)
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 5:18:51am on 11/17/10
It was okay. My state saw it's first snowfall and it was pretty on Saturday. Most of the weekend I slept due to being on painkillers. :( But I did get to hang out more with my family so that was good.
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 4:00:28am on 11/15/10
That's really cool. :) How was your weekend?
coolrun writes...
at 10:43:08am on 11/13/10
Thanks for the vote. =]
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 10:06:13pm on 11/11/10
We like to play a lot of the oldies like Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Dr. Mario, etc together :) My elder-younger brother likes his racing and combat games. I like to watch him play sometimes. My baby brother and I are helping each other out by completing all of the extra stuff on KH2. We all share a like for Final Fantasy. My brothers like to watch me play that. :) How about you?
xMUSICxMASTERx writes...
at 7:15:13pm on 11/11/10
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 1:21:03am on 11/11/10
Yes, at times. :) They do what brothers do best, although I feel blessed. Despite being younger they do take care of me and like to hang out. It probably helps that I like video games as much as they do. Lol! ;)
Missiongirl2087 writes...
at 11:00:34pm on 11/8/10
I have two. Both younger. :)
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