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retired ffr player, not much else to say. played some index and some spread.
music,partying,chillin,sleeping, speed typing,ddr,itg,pui,ipods, music,girls,hockey,tennis,weightlifting, bikeriding,saxophone,drums,singing.
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classical music, alternative rock.
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halloween series, Saw series, nightmare on elm street series, friday the 13th series, august rush, the soloist, kiki's delivery service, bill and teds excellent adventure and bogus journey.
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suicide silence concert tomorrow
Posted on: August 4, 2009, at 11:25:42pm   [1 comment]
fuck yea.

My top friendsssss
Posted on: July 27, 2009, at 11:31:58pm   [6 comments]
1. adam- you sexy fuck, ive known you for a long time dude and you are a really funny and cool dude to talk to. not to mention amazing at ffr, oh ps. i still will always have that monstrous turtles sup on you, retired or not :P.
2. jerry- ahhhhh you silly fuck, weve had some great talks about stuff like lifting and other things. be thankful i hooked you up by fixing your kirby score a year ago. BFFZ till the end.
3. liz- you are pretty fucking chill, and from what i see, one of the best girls ive seen play ffr. we've had some good chats, you're a good friend <3
4.allegra- ahaha you are just full of pure awesomeness and win, i loved our phone conversations. you should defianetely call me again soon. i miss them, or at least get on more :D
5. Ian- love you man(no homo) you should really get on more often. i will always remember our times at the ffr convention in 08 and xbox live :).
6. kiara- great friend, we've known eachother for a while now. one of my best profile chat buddys, love you girl :)
7. randall- you are fucking tight, i remember when we played guitar hero on xbl and you owned me. also rithum video chat ftw rofl ahahaha. we should really hang out sometime since you live fairly close, and play some itg or ddr :P
8. steve- you are fucking awesome to talk to on aim, and you are really insane at itg. someday man... someday we will play :)
9. jenni- ahahaha one of my best pro chat buddies, we have some of the most interesting conversations. i know you're always there for me as i am always here for you. ill love you forever ;p
10. paul- you are just full of win, fucking nutella for the win. index for life dude :)
11. middy- you are freaking sweet, really great to talk to. don't ever change man, and you know ive always got your back. ps. indexxxx
12. nisa- ive known you for a while on prochat and stuff, you are awesome to talk to, but you should get on more!!!!
13. peter- you are one of the best friends ive ever had in my life, ive known you since the 5th grade and you were the first person to get me into DDR,FFR, and rhythm games. also tennis and ping pong have given me alot of fun times thoughout my life. i'm going to miss you when you go to college next year, but ill def try and go down to florida during spring break to see you. the only reason you're so low in my top friends in ffr is cause i know you in real life ;p
14. julian- silly german ginger kid, ive known you since i think the 6th grade? you are a really good friend to hang out with, and fucking amazing at tennis. me you and peter=best friends forever
15. charlie- a really good friend, helped me through some rough times, and one generous son of a bitch, we will hangout someday man, thanks for everything.
16. eastsideman- always here for a good laugh, we should really talk more, plus you should actually play all the damn songs and AAA them you asshole!

going to a concert tomorrow, shoutouts anyone?
Posted on: July 25, 2009, at 02:56:57pm   [5 comments]
going to a concert tomorrow, will make vids n shit. will give shoutouts to anyone who posts in this random thought.

errr bad news brother was dumb and forgot to bring the camera so no shout outs :(, but anyways i should be going to a suicide silence concert in a few weeks, so ill try and shoutout to you guys then.

anyone want to buy me a subby
Posted on: July 25, 2009, at 01:14:49am   [3 comments]
will pay with possible sexual favors, k thanks.

retired from FFR/SM
Posted on: July 18, 2009, at 11:06:21am   [4 comments]
so yea i pretty much retired for a lot of reasons but meh, i had some of the best years of my life playing this game sadly and i will always remember my big achievments and own personal accomplishments i earned. Don't worry, ill still be smashing arrows.....just with my feet ;) <333 all of you specially adam,lizzles,jerry,jenni,allegra,middyy,quiggles. and some of you other fuckers i forgot.

Comment wall
insomniac_platypus writes...
at 10:20:30pm on 5/11/21
Still love you, now and forever. Every time I'm reminiscing I have to come say hello to you and let you know you're still in my thoughts. Love you Steve!
reptile3141 writes...
at 8:33:47am on 2/27/21
Gone, but never forgotten. <3 miss ya brother
AquaTeen writes...
at 3:21:15pm on 12/6/19
Missing you more than you'll ever know. I can't believe it's been 9 years. There's so much left unsaid that I wish I could say, and you always knew how to lift my spirits when I needed them lifted. Oh, how I wish you were still with us today, I could use one of your encouraging talks. I just hope Heaven was all you hoped it would be, and I hope to see you again! <3
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 1:11:44pm on 12/3/19
9 years today. 9 years. I miss you.
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 6:22:08pm on 8/7/19
Thinking about you love, miss you so..
insomniac_platypus writes...
at 1:57:50pm on 2/3/19
Figured I'd swing by while I'm here like I usually do to let you know I still miss and love you! Everything has been... so shitty lately. Both for me personally and in the world in general. It's hard and I wish I could talk to you/hang out. You always made me smile and were so fun to be around. Miss ya, man
Sullyman2007 writes...
at 11:29:15pm on 1/12/19
Thinking of you man. Wish I had gotten to know you better.
Bynary Fission writes...
at 1:38:22am on 8/15/18
It's been almost a decade since I've spoken to you, but I haven't forgotten you, man.
reptile3141 writes...
at 5:49:35am on 5/26/18
We all miss you, Steve. Your memory will live on forever. <3
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 6:10:15pm on 4/27/18
I miss you so much steve <3 ill love you foreverrrr
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