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Kiara :3
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I am Hidden|Hiding|Waiting For The Right Time|Wandering|Wondering|Uninvited|Unwanted. I'm tired of living up to people's expectations. I don't want to make you happy, I only want to make myself happy atm. I hate people who judge other people because they aren't like them. I hate having to explain myself to people, I hate it when people you don't like comes up to you and think you like them. I don't hate everything in this world. Hah, I adore the simple things, the small things in life. Which is why, i'm tired of saying my name is Kiara, when Kiara is my middle name. I'm tired of running|hiding from my mistakes. My real name is Stacey-Kiara and I am a procrastinator.
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Devil 666 writes...
at 4:09:19am on 1/1/11
hahahaha i didnt know ur that cute now that i saw ur real pics :DDDD DAM ADORABLE!!
Devil 666 writes...
at 7:04:10am on 11/4/10
yooo missed u
ReapersBored writes...
at 6:51:19pm on 12/13/09
Hey Kiki <3
Superfreak04 writes...
at 9:29:14am on 12/13/09
Haha, hello there ma'am.
Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:56:11am on 12/13/09
-waits for text-
Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:41:38am on 12/13/09
text me baby
Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:27:12am on 12/13/09
im good. wondering what i should do with the day
how about you
Adamaja456 writes...
at 8:21:24am on 12/13/09
good mornin to you as well :)
AL3amry writes...
at 1:03:21pm on 12/11/09
hi how r you my name is ali call me jay i like to be your friend its an honour to be friends i wonder if u like to be my friend send me a massege i wanna know if u accept to be friends or not ihope yes so if u wanna know me more this is my e-mails ( - later byee
Darkbreezee writes...
at 5:06:51am on 12/11/09
well i cannot complain at all , just school sucks -.-, always the same u know , but i'm looking forward to christmas xD
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