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Well, I enjoy moonlit nights, taking long walks on the beach, unicorns, and knitting. In fact, I once took a seaside stroll on a moonlit night, and discovered a unicorn...which I proceeded to stab in the throat with a crochet needle. I am a woman of refined, yet simple tastes.
Sleeping, eating, chilling, cannibalism, voodoo, dark arts, Y'know the usual
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The Cog Is Dead, DJ Sharpnel, Iosys, Bespa Kumamero, Dr steel, Abney Park, Emilie Autumn, Aux Raus, T-ara, Pendulum, Freezepop, Rammstein, Queens Of The Stone Age, 3OH!3, Psychostic, Screaming Mechanical Brain
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Well I watch a load of movies, yeah that's a boring thing to say... I don't care
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Posted on: January 1, 2015, at 07:41:23pm   [0 comments]
Been a member for 7.88 years and yet apparently I need to double my total score to still be a vet, I can't help it if I suck, doesn't mean I haven't been a part of the site for years.
The vet' year is 3, and I'm over double now, doesn't that count? D:!
Posted on: August 31, 2013, at 10:56:05am   [0 comments]
I'm not as good as I used to be D:!
Posted on: August 27, 2013, at 09:51:45pm   [0 comments]
Forgot to turn volume down from 100 when I put my headphones in... and now my ears are ringing D:

Posted on: October 29, 2012, at 01:57:53am   [0 comments]
On this profile anyways, I have an old one that's probably 8 years now.. haha I feel old now XD
Posted on: October 10, 2012, at 07:16:56am   [0 comments]

I thought I could paint it red but couldn't find enough goats.
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neverdie666 writes at 4:56:38am on 10/5/18
im still 8k in the world get the grinding!
neverdie666 writes at 4:01:46pm on 9/17/18
gamecrazymatt writes at 3:53:24pm on 6/4/18
mirror_eclipse writes at 8:18:39pm on 2/14/15
OH yeah. It was phenomenal. Best five days of my entire life :)
How HAVE you been, darling?
mirror_eclipse writes at 12:59:54pm on 1/5/15
I'm going to San Diego in a few hours :D
TR_NIGhTMaRE writes at 3:33:28am on 4/15/14
oh hey- thanks! it's always cool to meet new people. I can't tell who you are though lol whats your url?
Im God writes at 10:30:53pm on 9/1/13
thanks :3
mirror_eclipse writes at 2:49:21pm on 9/1/13
hehu no worries :) it's a music/gaming convention, lotsa cosplayin and vidya games etc
mirror_eclipse writes at 2:45:02pm on 9/1/13
ohhhh otaysss~
YOU SHOULD COME TO AMERICA FOR MAGFESTTTTT~ It's in early January for 5 days C:
Murdhur writes at 12:29:20am on 9/1/13
Hia :D