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Im am 16 in grade 11, One very important thing I AM NOT LESBIAN and you should know that im very deadly i like to play with knives, very Athletic im good at most sports, my Speciality is Track and Field thats were my nick name Black buny comes from because im always first int he running competitions. al though i dont like sports im just good at them because im tall and thin x.x;, i think its because of my hyper active personality XD ROFL. my fav coulours are Red and black o.o my nick name other then Black Bunny is Mayrin. I only Save the best drawed or made picture for you to see : 3. I also like to Right Poems and draw too im not very good because i seem to draw steal life but i can't draw movement... yea....IM ALSO theeeeeeee WORST TYPER EVER!!!! >.> FRIENDS LIST RULES!!! #1 if you talk to me alot theeeen i shall add you to my top 16 people #2 if you talk to me almost 24/7 you get 2 be on my list 2 times #3 if you only talk to me once in a while then you will be on my list #4 If you just add me to friends and i think your cool then you wotn be on top 16 but you will still be my friend. #5 if you some how stop talking to me for no reason then i will kick you of my list lmao that is all the rules :D And Also Yuki334 well i can her Ritty-chan is my BFF on this game if u hurt her i hurt u. painfuly u'll regret it :3
Read manga, watch it and rp : D. i play DDR EVERYDAY and when im not play DDR im playing FFR on my friends account XD oh and i like Vampires and Dragons i love to listen to music ALLL the type my life cannot be silent unless a test or a quiz or a exam goes on.
Fav Music:
I like everything except Country > 3>
Fav Movies:
Vampire Hunter D, naruto all 4 movies, Inuyahsa movies, hm.... Blood is a good one,
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I'm sorry
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hi n.n
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nice icon! :3
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Are those vocaloids I observe?
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awesome ! xD
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thumbs up for the canadian ;)
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How's it been, Just now found out that FFR is back up and running today xD
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FFR is back :P
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