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NAME- Kelly 15 HEIGHT- 5'6.5' OTHER- talk to me and get to kno me if u want to kno I AM MELISSA FRIEND AND I HAVE TAKEN OVER THIS ACCOUNT YEA GO ME!!!!
INTERESTS- i enjoy hangingout with my guy friends and my girl friends we always have fun i luv to play volleyball and i am a cheerleader for salem just like melissa yay us ME AND MELISSA- we always do everything together when she isn't hanging out with the other melissa and people call us twins because we are so close!! i luv her and she luvs me!! right now i do have a boyfriend so don't try to hit on me or i willl have to slap the crap out of u!!!!! well thats all for now talk to u on the flip side!!!
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MUSIC- i like rock rap a little counrty no classical at all i like some emo FAV SONG WRITERS- my chemical romance, taking back sunday, fall out boy, green day, led zepplin, def leopard, AC/DC, cherish, danity kane, justin timberlake, akon, nelly, and lots of other people i listen to more rap then rock well i listen to more rap then anything else yay!!!
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MOVIES:DISLIKE- those stupid animated ones like vegetales i mean come on a group of vegetables sailing the ocean how GAY LIKES- non-animated movies that you WATCH DUH!!!! iLUV THE GRUDGE THE GRUDGE II and i luved saw 3 when i saw it today!!!
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Posted on: October 27, 2006, at 10:35:07pm   [0 comments]
i am going to flordia for the second time in 2 months with all my friends as u kno melissa is going and yea i am excited!!!

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Alaeviea writes...
at 3:21:40pm on 10/28/06
Thank you =)
Hollisterchickluvsu writes...
at 10:19:31am on 10/28/06
kk that would be kool
Hollisterchickluvsu writes...
at 9:43:48am on 10/28/06
k kool see u in a half hour
Hollisterchickluvsu writes...
at 9:15:00am on 10/28/06
sry kelly i was just so excited so wait what time r u coming over today around 12:00 or 11:00 and i was planing on sitting by andrew on the plane so u can sit by scott i heard he really likes u more than u even think he does!!! yay u *muah*
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoMe lissaoxoxoxoxoxoxox< br /> Luv you
tigerarmygirl writes...
at 10:40:42pm on 10/27/06
was up?
Synthlight writes...
at 11:02:15am on 9/17/06
First person to post on your wall.