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Uploaded on October 24, 2006 at 03:35:28pm

Picture Comments

  1. nice pic..needs a lil more light but hey still hott

  2. do you ever have a shirt on.....

  3. it's a little dark but i luv it

  4. nice pic.

  5. well, its bettr 4 alot of us if ur shirt is nevr on!!!

  6. ur cute!!!

  7. damn ur like so hot
    well from wut i can c

  8. lol.

  9. Thanx, i think. lol

  10. no, it's just wierd. but wierd is good.

  11. no, but I never wear a shirt if I dont have to or if it is not cold. i dont know why, it is just more confertable. Why, is there a problem w/my shirt off?

  12. i have a question, y r all of ur pics in the dark and u have no shirt on??