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yo my name is jason i'm 15 and very stupid
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all except country
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Posted on: August 29, 2006, at 08:41:00am   [0 comments]
if ur wondering witch one is me i'm the one with the mohawk

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tuchi writes...
at 6:27:14pm on 11/10/06
hi cute and dumb.i'm tuchi and i was wondering if i could add u?if it's ok with you send me a message.
ichliebekase writes...
at 4:10:23pm on 10/6/06
ur not nick hogan and the world isnt retarded
skaterdude50 writes...
at 10:11:01pm on 10/2/06
whos that girl next to u in the photo cuz shes hot
derek17719346 writes...
at 5:35:29pm on 10/1/06
Eleventh person to post on your wall.

spawnofsyn666 writes...
at 3:06:09pm on 9/10/06
tell ur cuz that i had to leave to a band gig but i'll be on l8r tonight so meet me then
solowingpixy writes...
at 2:07:48pm on 9/9/06
is your dad hulk hogan
TenThousandFists writes...
at 7:43:16pm on 9/4/06
dude.. u lie to much
Blackroses1331 writes...
at 1:37:51pm on 9/2/06
heyz ^^ what's up?
crazygirl9412 writes...
at 10:47:40am on 9/2/06
BeachBlondie127 writes...
at 10:33:25am on 9/2/06
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