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My name is Rachel.I am 17.. I am Bisexual leaning twards lesbian I am proud of that. Sometimes I call guys 'sir' I dunno why, I jsut do, sooo if I call you sir don't feel ofended...or special lmao.and I am NOT a Christian. religion sucks, I believe it takes away your individual thoughts and feelings. I am a vampire. I barley ever sleep. I very rarely get cold. (for coldness is an illusion) I can be nice...sometimes. I talk to myself...but only on days that end in 'y' I am a loser...and I know it is true (haha). I am short... 5 ft. eye color changes all the time..right now it is light blue..with a silverish tint. I love air hockey. I will pwn you.
playing guitar. I love DDR...though I am not extremely great at it. pwning people at air hockey.
Fav Music:
I like: heavy metal,rock,techno,emo, pretty much anything but like opera and country music.
Fav Movies:
constantine or any demonic movies. I HATE CHICK don't even talk about 'em. most comedy's are good. Most action movies with hott girls in them are good too. :)
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Toy Box- Russian Lullaby. xD
Posted on: August 19, 2007, at 03:07:02pm   [0 comments]

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slowffrdown writes...
at 7:17:57pm on 4/29/08
hey havent messaged u in a while if u get back on and im on we should play
hher writes...
at 10:33:32am on 11/17/07
thanks for adding me
kristen2brandon writes...
at 8:07:09pm on 9/2/07
hey Rachel my name is kristen i read the part bout u being a bisexual and i think that is cool cuz i am a bisexual to and and i am 16 years old and by the way i think ur really pretty do u have a girlfriend? well i hope that we could be friends and maybe more then tha okay well i gave u a thumbs up i hope u can do the same for me well i am adding u to my buddy list can u add me
NobodyRoxas writes...
at 8:34:04pm on 8/30/07
and u think its funny =__= lol
Blitzin FFR writes...
at 6:17:20pm on 8/30/07
thx for the profile vote =]
NobodyRoxas writes...
at 11:08:22pm on 8/28/07
o_0 sir? lol ok
NobodyRoxas writes...
at 11:04:39pm on 8/28/07
thx 4 the vote x]
doctorj52000 writes...
at 9:02:46pm on 8/27/07
was up, just spreadin' the gosple of christ.

God loves you
D!LL writes...
at 10:59:20pm on 8/21/07
Really really bored.
Reading a chick book "He's just not that into you"
D!LL writes...
at 8:02:25pm on 8/21/07
Lol, so what's up?
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