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avatar cred Narelle on Flight Rising | yes, i know your TWG exists
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prog metal atm
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As We Suffocate22-12-19
Kokoroni Utaga Todoitara -Vocal-14-01-20
Comment wall
mi40 writes...
at 4:16:21pm on 9/30/20
i heard there was a shooting at JAX2 today, stay safe
Charu writes...
at 9:52:28am on 8/7/19
What is that avatar, if you don't mind me asking here?
Rapta writes...
at 12:08:18pm on 4/1/18
Right inDheart, the feels.
dAnceguy117 writes...
at 11:30:56am on 10/21/17
omgggg thank youuuuu
evanescence_death4ever writes...
at 1:34:18am on 6/25/17
But how will we know?/
If in~D~heart has been there?/
Ah! Where is the drain?
Soyster writes...
at 9:43:44pm on 6/2/17
nice profile c:
Zapmeister writes...
at 6:34:02pm on 1/18/17
i... oh my god. yeah. that thing. yoshl stole it from me.
basically what happened was i actually found yoshl/daikenkai's rtab thread on here through google searching rtab sometime in 2012 before i actually joined this forum. i pm'd him on metanet and told him to give me credit for the thread idea, since he literally stole it, and he said he would - but HE NEVER DID!
but by the time i signed up to this forum, i totally forgot that the thread existed. until you reminded me now. 4 years later. i'm thinking of making a post calling him out on that thread, but at this point i don't know if i still care that much :P
regarding the metanet thread on rtab, it's basically unintelligible now that all 3 image hosting sites we used (imageshack from 29403, tinypic from myself, and imgnook from you) have since completely died / rehosted all images. :(
-xXx-snivy-xXx- writes...
at 12:11:35am on 12/14/16
[in] for town or wolf/
long live the days of winning/
Where is the exit?
Kawaii025 writes...
at 4:12:20pm on 12/13/16
That's a pretty awesome avi.
Ecinizeerf writes...
at 1:01:43am on 11/30/16
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