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well a little sumthin about me is i love video games cute girls and ffr.
girls,ffr,and last but not least halo.
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clerks 2
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AdamDavis writes...
at 1:58:48pm on 10/6/08
I got some AAA's xD
llama499 writes...
at 12:16:44am on 3/7/08
happy birthday :)
Pyro 22 writes...
at 5:07:54am on 1/30/08
me 2 I'm also good except playing on flash lol.
Pyro 22 writes...
at 6:35:48pm on 1/20/08
sups is been a long time LOL.
AdamDavis writes...
at 9:41:23pm on 12/21/07
I sent u a little Challenge if u don't mind,it'll be tuff but if u win u keep my 2,000 credets.Bwa Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
AdamDavis writes...
at 1:41:41pm on 12/20/07
hi it's me your FFR friend from school u wanna vs me im on?
AdamDavis writes...
at 9:36:05pm on 11/3/07
Yo i'll VS u?
oob3r_pwnage writes...
at 11:21:26pm on 10/19/07
lolz its been a while huh?
AdamDavis writes...
at 7:47:44pm on 10/13/07
yo man your online.Wanna play?
llama499 writes...
at 12:43:33am on 10/9/07
hey i got way better then i used to be =]
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