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behanjc writes...
at 4:25:16pm on 10/15/07
fall_on_a_swamp writes...
at 12:24:34am on 10/15/07
read the random thought section
kangolokster writes...
at 11:03:34pm on 10/14/07
wut...? noob!
fall_on_a_swamp writes...
at 10:11:07pm on 10/14/07
uhmm dude just say no i did not use trainer go ask cryx900 and shit i have done it for them i got them oni and shit and u saying i use a trainer BUDDAY LOOK AT YOUR ONI no way in fuck u got that ... pce chris :D
fall_on_a_swamp writes...
at 10:02:42pm on 10/14/07
lmao for 10K ill get u zephon and for 20K all together i can get the five :D:D if u dont belive go to profile fall in a swamp(underscores) and i have everyskill token
anbu_wolf writes...
at 2:14:15am on 10/8/07
eh? u might be right...but remember, ppl lie! or he may have just beleived his parents died..but i actualy think u might be right...who knows?
hewhoishigh writes...
at 11:03:21pm on 10/4/07
anbu_wolf writes...
at 9:45:58pm on 10/4/07
k i found it out....asuma was saritobi,s son. but saritobi had more than one kid! the 1rst was pien then asuma...
Godnick writes...
at 12:18:36pm on 9/28/07
Nice to see you AAA'd a for masters only
ledwix writes...
at 10:54:31pm on 9/22/07
i think 7-0-0-6 will make it. it might be close, though. i have 5-0-0-0 right now and im not gonna play agian unless that doesn't make it. i think it will, though. my best is 1-0-0-0 so i can improve in case i need to.
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