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hey its cloe... i dnt get on very often ne moree... but ill jus tell u guys about me.. im 16 almost 17 in like 3 mnths.. no im not a whore or a slut... for the bitchez & haters out there that think they kno me... well u dnt.! its simply called confidence... i can spell it out for u guys too... sooo dnt judge me based off of this.. bcuz if u doo, u ar totally wrong... im not like other "bitchez" out there... i get along with almost everyone & I DNT JUDGE.! its not my buisness & i dnt waste my time like that... ur shitt wnt bother me... im strong && independent... ive made a lot of mistakes in my past & i regret a lot of things but ive learned from them & realised that i can become a better person & ive actually acheived that... to all them guys out there, random hookups... not mahh thing. dnt think that ur sweet tlk & shitt will get to me... but thats all i have to basically sayy... soo jus get to kno mee:] mmkaythnx.peace..
shopping, gymnastics, hanging with friends, && music bby:]
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i listen to ne thing i like
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fav movie: TWILIGHT:]
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My Bestest Gurls!!! =P
Posted on: June 8, 2007, at 05:40:10pm   [3 comments]
Jessthebestxo and ~sheneen~ a.k.a Jess and Allanah ar the coolest peopelezzz you'll ever meet!!! Their way beyond crazy and I'll luv em 4 eva!!! If you dont like them thats your problem cause missing a whole lot... their my bestest gurls, break their heart, and i'll break your face!!! K thnx bye!!!

A true story... =(
Posted on: June 7, 2007, at 08:25:59pm   [7 comments]
Takes place back when i was 11 years old...
NOTE: this convo btween me & mahh mom happened almost 2 years ago...

Me: Hey dad will you and mom ever get back together??

Dad: I dont know, I loved her so much, I dont know why she did such a thing to me... when I was little I felt like killing myself someday.

Me: But you'll never do that... right (long pause)

Dad: Yes sweety I wont, never had the guts to...

Me: Ok

Dad: Well honey time to go to bed, it's way past 12...

Me: Ok... I love you...

(Dad doesnt say anything and walks out the door) a couple of hours later: Big gun shot echoes throughout the house... my older sister katie she was 14 at the time starts screaming and i get up to see what has happened...)

Me: Katie whats wrong?

Katie: cloe dont you dare step in that room... stay out of there... i'm going to get some help!!!

Me: Well whats wrong?!?!

Katie: shut up!!!! (runs out the door and starts screaming for help)

Me: Katie? (I walk in my dads room not knowing whats going to be there and find my dad on the ground with blood running out of his head...)
Dad?!?! Dad are you ok?!?! Dad!!!!!!

(Present Day)

Mom: Cloe you still cant be mad at me for what happened to your dad almost 3 years ago!!!!

Me: Mom I cant ever forgive you and I never will!!!!

Mom: Cloe It wasnt my fault that your dad shot himself!!!!!!

Me: Oh ya mom... it wasnt your fuckin fault!!! Dad was going to pull that trigger to his head no matter how many men you freakin slept with!!!

Mom: What was I supposed to do cloe... what??? Tell me what...?

Me: Mom we were family... we used to be a perfect family till one day you decided to let dad go!!!!

Mom: (doesnt say anything)

Me: Mom... did you love dad?

Mom: Yes... I did...

Me: Then why did you let him go?!?!

Mom: It was my fault!!! (long pause) I married him too soon... I wasnt thinking about my future...

Me: Damn right it was your fault... you messed up my life, katie's life, you even messed up your life... I wish I was there for dad the day he killed himself so I couldve stopped him in time, I wish that when you said I love you forever on the day of your marrige to dad... you truley meant it, and I wish that I never had a mother like you... I mean it!!

(Long Pause again)

Me: You could say all of the apologies you want to me but I will never ever forgive you!!!!!

The End

Lucky for all of you people, I bet you guys dont have parents like this...

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RMSProwler writes...
at 9:48:52pm on 10/10/09
ur pretty hot i'm not gunna lie. that's why i think that pic is fake.
RawMeat writes...
at 7:29:58pm on 5/23/09
Hey how are you doing.
cutie_pattotie176 writes...
at 12:34:29pm on 4/29/09
hey girl long tim no talk! How you been how's life?
~sheneen~ writes...
at 8:36:34pm on 1/29/09
I have a myspace! if you have one too tell me :D
Pedrina writes...
at 11:13:03pm on 1/23/09
hi u remeber me?its was a long time ago!
~sheneen~ writes...
at 2:18:51pm on 12/31/08
I miss talking to you too! Where were you?! :(
Patricoo writes...
at 7:26:19pm on 12/30/08
No probs! I got invited to a party now! w00t.
~sheneen~ writes...
at 5:41:36pm on 12/30/08
Patricoo writes...
at 11:40:02am on 12/22/08
I've still got three weeks left in mine. I actually have a few things to do after christmas, but really really really need something to do for new years.
I used to spend it as my anniversary night with my girl, but this year I found out she's a slut so I've got to find something to do.
Patricoo writes...
at 8:11:34pm on 12/21/08
Nothing much. I'm just out partying, pimpin, living crazy life and getting drunk!
Psht. all lies. I'm sitting around bored waiting for tomorrow to start to go shopping. Yourself ?
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