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My name is Tom and IDGAF
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Bynary Fission writes...
at 12:25:20pm on 2/22/15
Yup. :)
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 9:04:23pm on 9/22/14
Hmm, something's fishy.
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 10:43:41pm on 8/17/14
thanx~ X3
CarrotCake94 writes...
at 10:40:14pm on 8/17/14
mhmm~ Air cadet~ *retired*
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 10:10:49am on 5/31/14
Names76 writes...
at 8:45:27pm on 4/8/14
Ponies are pretty intense as it is, so it's not difficult.
Names76 writes...
at 6:49:39am on 4/6/14
Nope, there's me too. But we're probably the only ones. Your art is intense by the way, some of the most unique stuff I've seen in a long while.
dragon890x writes...
at 4:36:11am on 3/30/14
XTempestX writes...
at 7:23:30pm on 3/15/14
lots of holding a key to restart counts as a game :P
d4u7211 writes...
at 9:25:04pm on 2/10/14
Man, you've got some really nice detail work on your art. I'll try working out some more detail on my character that I'm still conflicted with/haven't thought deeply about. I also have to mention that for a character reference I would probably want naughty bits included haha
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