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Hey whats up? Im a 17 year old hardcore game player. I love FFR and DDR, trying to go professional(lol). i play maplestory(to much) and my Xbox live gamertag is DragonflamesXX... Yes Im a furry :3
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dragonforce hard guitar rock techno
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300, best man movie ever,
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For this kickass profile :3

Posted on: December 16, 2011, at 08:26:13pm   [3 comments]
Dont know why Im so addicted to watching this video and song.
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mewtikz writes at 10:43:08pm on 12/13/18
Thanks for noticing my pfp ^^
dAnceguy117 writes at 10:16:09pm on 11/28/18
you've got a new friend on A CERTAIN WEBSITE
QueenAshy writes at 9:01:09pm on 11/28/18
Honestly, I don’t doubt it. I had NO childhood. Half the stuff that everyone else was lucky to experience, I didn’t have. I never got to be a high school girl, I never had friends when I was younger due to unmedicated adhd and autism, my dad was abusive, my mom was a huge cunt for most of my teenage years, I felt lonely for a majority of my childhood, and it was all around a shitshow.
In the traditional sense, I never even got to BE a kid… :(
QueenAshy writes at 8:41:25pm on 11/28/18
Ah… 2012.
The days of Skyrim being at peak popularity, and the year the Wii U hit the scene.
What a time that was… really makes me wish I was a kid again
QueenAshy writes at 8:30:24pm on 11/28/18
Cute avatar. Also didn’t know that you were trans.
Nice to see you on this site tho… did you come back from inactivity? Your name sounds kinda familiar
Dinglesberry writes at 4:18:59pm on 1/7/17
get just one more rank bro blaze it
Sanjixcon writes at 2:47:02pm on 11/8/16
1000 FCs very nice ^-^
YoshL writes at 10:19:44pm on 8/30/16
yes, and i don't use it
YoshL writes at 7:32:28pm on 8/30/16
ikr i didn't even win d7, only won d6 rip
Sanjixcon writes at 3:42:38am on 8/23/16
awesome profile :D