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Sei-Triplex writes...
at 4:09:29pm on 7/26/08
are you russian ????
king jew writes...
at 8:41:43am on 9/8/07
are you russian???
obie32one writes...
at 5:17:25pm on 8/8/07
omg that's all you F***ing wanted?!?! I could do that in about 5 freaking seconds
obie32one writes...
at 5:45:28pm on 8/6/07
fine have fun
obie32one writes...
at 8:38:59am on 8/6/07
You can do a better job?
obie32one writes...
at 7:31:10am on 8/6/07
Sorry for following your directions so accurately
obie32one writes...
at 9:35:00pm on 8/5/07
so if you don't like your own directions then stfu about my artwork
obie32one writes...
at 9:34:05pm on 8/5/07
this is what you told me to do:

cM.cEnTaUr writes...
at 11:13:32am on 8/4/07 [X] ages cmcentaurzb1.gif

Here is the signature

cM.cEnTaUr writes...
at 11:13:04am on 8/4/07 [X]
I would like for my banner to be this signature on the far right of the banner and have the last color on the left side of the signature be the color for the rest of the banner. If that's possible. If not, let me know
obie32one writes...
at 9:32:11pm on 8/5/07
that's exactly what you asked me to do
obie32one writes...
at 11:22:20am on 8/5/07
i sent you it on a PM hope you like it!
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