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FFR collabs (update: Euphoric Field complete!)
Posted on: December 28, 2011, at 12:10:27am

In a future batch, I'm planning to submit collaboration files only! However, the catch is that I want to submit them all at once, which means I have to get all of my collaborators coordinated. Here's my list and progress of FFR collabs:

with 00Razor00: Ordeal [did not start yet]
with Coolboyrulez0: Euphoric Field (Final Shaft Remix) [DONE!]
with hi19hi19 & dag12: Jack-the-Ripperâ—† (nope)
with kjwkjw: Rainy beauty [nope]
with iironiic: Love's Rebirth '06 (LEGEND MIX) (nope)
with Niala: lifework [almost done!]
with OWA: AVALON [just started]
with TC_Halogen/AJ: Lorem Ipsum [DONE!]
with who_cares973: World's Most Wanted Wiener [50-75% done]
with woker-X: Zombie Killing, Blood Spilling [DONE!]

  1. We need to collab 8D

  2. wait I didn't know I was part of the Jack-the-Ripper collab >.> I would be honored to, though. I recently found my mostly finished file for it, too. It could be a lot better though.

  3. <3

  4. If I find a good song we're collaborating RIGHT? :D Except there's no need to hurry for this batch.
    *thinking of our Edmonton adventures*

  5. bmah, get working on jack-the-ripper.

  6. a.k.a. i'm subbing my version next batch

  7. Can I?

  8. Gotta work on ours, bmah :>

  9. you, beer