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Lightbulb Community Score Spotlight Submissions

Hello Fifferers, Fifferettes, and non-binary Fifferlings alike, the Events lady is back to offer you (yes, even you) a most exciting opportunity!

I will regularly be featuring accomplishments from members of our lovely community on the FFR Twitter account to show off the gaming we do here at fiffer- big gorilla gamers and smol newbie tappiers alike.

To submit a score, please visit this form.

What makes a good Community Score Spotlight submission?

- Recorded live gameplay, preferably with a mic and/or handcam- bonus points for a reaction to the score at the end of the clip. Please keep profanity to a minimum, though. c:

- Score should be a notable accomplishment for you as a player. While it doesn't matter if you're D2 or D9, this is meant to show off players achieving their goals. Whether its a new high equiv, impressive AAA, a difficult token unlock, or even just a huge PB on a challenging file, as long as its good for you, its valid.

- It should be somewhat recent. While it doesn't need to be from the same day it was submitted, scores that are months old won't be featured.

Are there any rewards involved?

While having your score featured could be viewed as a prize by itself, accepted submissions will also yield a 50,000 credit prize upon the gameplay being featured in a Score Spotlight. While there is no limit to how many times this can be claimed, please do not flood submissions, the same players will not be featured many times consecutively.

Thats all I've got. k thx bye c:

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Default Re: Community Score Spotlight Submissions

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Default Re: Community Score Spotlight Submissions

I've been scammed, I didn't get my 50k credits :c

Really cool idea tho I like it! Get to gaming Fifferians~

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Default Re: Community Score Spotlight Submissions

i wonder what eppu is cooking next

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Default Re: Community Score Spotlight Submissions

Originally Posted by Black_Shield View Post
i wonder what eppu is cooking next
Garlic bread, for breakfast most likely. I've got a few scores too
Originally Posted by rayword45 View Post
finland doesnt exist
Originally Posted by Dinglesberry View Post
I take your Dance Praise and raise it a Guitar Praise
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Default Re: Community Score Spotlight Submissions

cook faster
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