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Posted on: September 22, 2006, at 09:32:00pm   [0 comments]
"I said I'd live out both our lives.......and....I did."
-Cloud Strife

Posted on: September 20, 2006, at 08:33:23pm   [0 comments]
"Thats my sin...and my
punishment." ;
-Vincent Valentine

Posted on: September 19, 2006, at 09:20:03pm   [0 comments]
i like pineapple

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Zach R writes...
at 3:02:11pm on 10/27/07
lol dude you should talk to my friends Vash The Stampede and Leon Squall you guys would so talk for so long lol
candycanez writes...
at 2:59:39pm on 12/25/06
Happy Holidays! ♥
breathlessone writes...
at 4:50:21pm on 10/8/06
thats a cool avatar
Shino_Aburame writes...
at 7:44:49am on 10/7/06
my new pro
angel_savor writes...
at 5:43:37am on 10/3/06
hay i added u cuse your cool!
Crazy_hyper writes...
at 8:00:31pm on 9/29/06
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so your fm2a!!!!!!!!!! i never knew that until ten years had past >< wow im so dumb lol
Lilbadboy716 writes...
at 7:07:19pm on 9/29/06
nice pro
finalfantasy123 writes...
at 12:29:13pm on 9/24/06
hello there
jayman144 writes...
at 7:36:06pm on 9/23/06
like my pic?
sushigrlOOk writes...
at 4:58:37pm on 9/23/06
well...anywayz i added u
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