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I am Austin i skateboard, play the PS2 mostly G.T.A San andres i suck at FFR
girls, SKATEBOARDING, girls, FFR(even though i suck at it) girls PS2 cute girls X BOX 360 oh and did i tell you i like girls
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ANY KIND exept country!!!
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Posted on: February 11, 2007, at 02:38:02am   [0 comments]

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happy_bunny12 writes...
at 6:18:44pm on 8/13/07
hey austin, again. um u should call me sometime or w/e cuz we like nver talk in school!!!!!!!
happy_bunny12 writes...
at 9:45:53pm on 7/28/07
hey austin. u never texted me back =( meanie. well ill see ya at school!
birdgirlxx2003 writes...
at 7:51:40pm on 7/14/07
hey i havnt seen u in a while so i wanted to say hi
kristen2brandon writes...
at 7:13:45pm on 7/1/07
yeah u can
happy_bunny12 writes...
at 3:34:32pm on 6/7/07
hey austin havent to u talk since school! how are yea?
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 8:16:29pm on 6/5/07
haha i dont think soooo i already sounddd all in love with myselff on my snnn
sheneen writes...
at 1:00:05pm on 5/16/07
Being bored :(
sheneen writes...
at 4:32:26pm on 5/15/07
Oh lol what's up
sheneen writes...
at 12:33:40pm on 5/14/07
Why not?
sheneen writes...
at 1:19:54pm on 5/10/07
Well that's good, what did you do when you were grounded?
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