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I'm 16 and..I'm like 5'10" or 5'11" Funny stuff
Photography : Feel free to comment, view or whatever^^ Tell your friends, neighbors, rodeo clowns, or whoever!
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Posted on: February 12, 2007, at 09:49:46pm   [0 comments]
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___tara writes...
at 9:12:34pm on 5/15/08
seeee ;P
awesome, I KNOW
viva la laura writes...
at 9:09:30pm on 5/15/08
ok, i'll start walking now.
___tara writes...
at 9:20:10pm on 5/9/08
haha you say it likeee..
viva la laura writes...
at 8:16:23pm on 5/9/08
actually i am. :p
viva la laura writes...
at 5:59:19pm on 5/9/08
oh gosh.
i forgot about that. :p
___tara writes...
at 2:24:11pm on 5/9/08
xD that's meeee
people call me that ;P
you gotta say it wif
a like japanese accenty
thing and bow though xD
viva la laura writes...
at 7:25:26pm on 5/7/08
yeaa. i knoww.
nothings new. everythingss boring.
as alwaysss. :p
viva la laura writes...
at 9:16:35pm on 4/7/08
lmfao. ok.
eh. not much.
same old, same old. it gets pretty boring.
you ?
viva la laura writes...
at 8:32:01pm on 4/7/08
ohh. ok.
want to watch like bring it on.
and barbie movies. rotfl. if they
even have any barbie movies.
viva la laura writes...
at 2:43:26pm on 4/7/08
ohh. fer sure.
footy pajamas are awesome ! :D
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