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Easily games online all the time...nihongo wa chotto wakarimasu...Thinks way too much.
I love music, video games, manga, and anime. Nihongo no ongaku ga suki desu!
Fav Music:
I like a lot of different types. My main favorites right now are Jimmy Eat World, A7X, Unwritten Law, Lost Prophets, and Linkin Park.
Fav Movies:
Anime, action, and comedy (I like the movies in those categories that are cool, not the ones that are dumb lol)
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well...cant play ffr
Posted on: August 12, 2008, at 02:14:53pm   [1 comment]
my comp that im stuck with for now wont let me play *sobs* Im off to stepmania until i get enough money for a new comp T.T

FC Landmarks
Posted on: April 19, 2008, at 07:17:48pm   [2 comments]
3/13/08-200th(Cash Cow) -didn't know I hadn't gotten it yet :P

4/19/08-1st FMO (PLANETZ)-some mashing at the very end XD
~Also 2nd FMO (Tambourin Chinois) -NO MASHING!
~and to top it all off...300th! (Hadazumi Rittou)

Posted on: April 7, 2008, at 10:38:08pm   [4 comments]
Average rank under 1000 YAY!

Posted on: March 22, 2008, at 11:31:58pm   [3 comments]

oh ya, and to top it all off...I got my 1st Very Challenging FC today as well ^.^

Yay! I win!!!
Posted on: February 28, 2008, at 09:00:20pm   [3 comments]
The Newbie Tournament: Beginner Division 1st place WOOT!

Fenzymidget's FFR League: Rookie Division Gold (1st place) AURIGHT!

kjwkjw's 7 Round Frenzy Tournament Expert Division (2nd Place) almost woot...

Comment wall
Ironman195 writes...
at 11:18:57am on 7/8/09
nice avatar lol
Hated Freak writes...
at 5:20:32am on 2/5/09
Lol Dreamsicle.
nuclearsamurai writes...
at 6:46:13pm on 1/19/09
Why isn't your dreamsicle B&W?
Denzen writes...
at 7:39:30am on 12/8/08
omgomgomg....i want a dreamsicle....=(
emosad12 writes...
at 11:08:06am on 10/23/08
thx dreamsickles are good
emosad12 writes...
at 8:13:49am on 10/13/08
can you share the dreamsicle
finalfantasy78629 writes...
at 10:09:44pm on 9/20/08
kool pro!! I espacially like your pic!! Tho I think most people would find it offencive. =)
rauchster writes...
at 9:44:52pm on 9/16/08
You got me way beat then. Hardest FC without mash is a Very Challenging and Hardest AAA is only Standard.
rauchster writes...
at 11:58:04pm on 9/14/08
Yeah - I don't know anybody from this area that actually plays seriously. I tried to get a couple co-workers into it, and they both have accounts, but they haven't played in months. Silly them.
I notice I have more FC's, but you have way more AAA's.
This is possibly because I haven't gone back to play most of the easy songs since I FC'ed them, but also because I suck at AAA'ing.
What's your hardest AAA/FC?
rauchster writes...
at 11:49:13pm on 9/13/08
According to the map - you're my closest FFR neighbor. I live in Northfield, just down the road. Thought I'd say hi.
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