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My names John. Im a master at arms in the US Navy. Its a pretty cool job, kinda stressful though. 19 years old. Stationed In NWS Yorktown, VA HOO-YAH!!!!
lacrosse, wakeboarding, snowboarding, backpacking, any type of MRE, climbing, swimming, shooting the 240 >=), boats, ships, Navy (hooyah)
Fav Music:
metal and rock mostly, im starting to like rascal flatts and Waka Flaka alot more though haha
Fav Movies:
jeez um... well anything really, I really like the series Spartacus and action films
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soooo thuuupperrr!??!!
Posted on: February 13, 2011, at 01:53:31pm   [2 comments]

haha this is pretty funny ps. im not sexist at all
Posted on: February 13, 2011, at 01:46:46pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: February 11, 2011, at 09:38:26pm   [1 comment]
ok sooo i just had my toenail cut off by HM1 the medical corpsman on base and my foot HURTS SOO BADD. i just wanna say ingrown tonails suck alot. please help me feel better sad face =(

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HugzandKisses writes...
at 3:43:49pm on 7/29/11
Hey. (:
lilwhit writes...
at 9:03:01pm on 3/8/11
yea i live in VA
kmay writes...
at 9:20:28pm on 2/28/11
you need to get a AAA
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 4:17:04pm on 2/24/11
thanks for the pic comment
carly_clusterphuck writes...
at 9:55:57pm on 2/16/11
sounds boring xD
hale x eeee writes...
at 1:44:08pm on 2/13/11
lol :D
crazykitty66 writes...
at 10:18:04am on 2/13/11
Thanks for the add and picture comment, John
~Kitty was here
iluvyou2 writes...
at 7:34:04am on 2/13/11
carly_clusterphuck writes...
at 12:14:19am on 2/13/11
Thanks :b
nothing much
surfer01girl writes...
at 11:55:46pm on 2/12/11
Sure! No problem
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