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Your Hate Mail [2013]
Posted on: May 5, 2013, at 01:17:06pm

Keep it coming. Remember all is fair game.

  1. I hate you <3

  2. I hate you.

  3. did 44 posts telling you to work on your temper not get the message across the first time

  4. then again, i can't say i'm surprised. stay mad bro

  5. Stay classy San Diego :3

  6. speed the fucking tournament up

  7. your mic is always too quiet

  8. your connection could be better

  9. the bluntness could always be toned down a bit

  10. <3

  11. <4

  12. Hate you so much that I'm going to school near you next year and doin them roadtripz :3

  13. no hate from this guy

  14. You're a faggot <3

  15. you're alright

  16. Finish the fucking FrankerZ song you piece of shit faggot.

  17. It's finished I just think it's garbage.

  18. Your ass is to fat for dem jeans. Other then that your doing pretty well. Keep it up(except the jeans)

  19. boobs pls.

  20. Those boobs are not big enough, they must be bigger. You disappoint me