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Praben is my real name, its danish. I have no danish background my parents just thought it would be a cool name. I work as a line Chef in a Resturant.
djembe (afican drum) dont really ply video games that much any more but i liked: Frequency, Amplatude, Counter-Strike, Live For Speed sports: mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, archery, swimming, running, hobbys: photography, photoshop, flash, ffr,
Fav Music:
progressive rock like tool, metal, some punk (i hate mainstream emo punk) some rap (agian i hate mainstream atrists), classic rock, jazz-fusion like phish, thats just the beginning . . .
Fav Movies:
LOTR series, Matrix the 1st one only, Mobty Python And the Goly Grail, spaceballs are some of my favs
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StallForTime writes...
at 11:41:58pm on 4/24/08
heyitsmee writes...
at 8:36:11am on 4/24/08
multi is funny shit every time it delivers the lolz
sorry i had to f5 and a gave up on it :P
ill see you there
k-town hero writes...
at 7:04:51pm on 2/11/08
idk, I saw it on tyler911's profile
k-town hero writes...
at 11:03:33pm on 2/2/08
Nice avatar, I love it!!!
abbiemonGoesRaWr writes...
at 11:01:24pm on 2/2/08
Heheh. I saw your avvie and thought it was hilarious. Then I clicked your profile and turns out you PWN at FFR and obviously have skills... Heheh. Nice. ^u^
BoAroXz writes...
at 10:51:10pm on 10/25/07
sure why not
freakysnots writes...
at 10:53:18pm on 10/19/07
why thank you :)
insane_pyro_maniac writes...
at 11:12:04pm on 10/13/07
lol sorry internet dissconected me on pgo games tho...ur pretty nuts...btw i was playing index 1.75 and it kept gliching :( anywas ppeace...thumbs up lol
linkinprklvr1126 writes...
at 6:56:15pm on 10/7/07
how is everything?
HK_UVremix writes...
at 12:35:33pm on 10/4/07
hey bro long time no talk how have you been?
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