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What is Chat? (Baby, don't hurt me)
Posted on: September 13, 2006, at 10:20:06pm   [1 comment]
Welcome to Profile Chat Beta .01. Anyone viewing your profile will automatically be connected in your private profile chat room. Enjoy!
>> Room [ Tokzic ] joined
[ Bob ]: uh, hello
[ Jane ]: getting off to pictures of tokzic what no you have no proof
[ Bob ]: ...
[ Jane ]: er
[ Jane ] has left the room.
[ Bob ]: well that was awkward
[ Tokzic ]: I get it all the time.


FFR Profile Chat: What better way to make people who happen to be viewing the same page have forced conversation?

Posted on: July 11, 2006, at 07:40:26am   [2 comments]
why are my ffr scores all over the place

and why is silence one of my best scores

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spyke252 writes...
at 4:37:19pm on 3/22/18
Hey, looks like you were on about a month ago. You might not remember me, but like 12 years ago you were one of my role models on these forums. I was just reminded of this site, and wanted to let you know how much you influenced me.
Thanks, and cheers.
thesunfan writes...
at 1:45:58pm on 10/30/16
you said you were depressed?
can talk if you want
FreezinIce writes...
at 3:23:45pm on 10/5/16
Go to ffya and sign up!
thesunfan writes...
at 11:08:14pm on 12/16/15
\not an actual guarantee\
thesunfan writes...
at 7:52:21pm on 12/16/15
I \guarantee\ you'll roll town its ok to join, friend
Charles Claythorne writes...
at 7:51:27pm on 7/25/15
/nine days late to reply
Charles Claythorne writes...
at 3:15:42pm on 7/16/15
did you come to ltwg on sunday that was the one day i couldnt come :'( :'( :'(
Charles Claythorne writes...
at 4:20:39pm on 7/6/15
I miss you. :'(
thesunfan writes...
at 2:21:14am on 6/15/15
u promised u'd be at lTWG
u lied
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 11:54:35pm on 2/4/15
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