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6 Subbie Songs
Posted on: April 12, 2009, at 11:05:25pm

5 in funk, to be released over the next friday, sunday, following friday, and the friday and sunday after that. 1 in secret, to be released in 2 weeks from now... playable now for 150,000 credits.



  1. first (w000t a 150k song)

  2. Yay! Nice Easter Gift.

  3. Finally

  4. heh Radical Rat finally

  5. Oh hey new songs. Yay

  6. Something I just noticed, there are only 5 new songs:
    4 in Funk
    1 Secret
    Thanks for the new stuff.

  7. Yay. =D

  8. omogosh yes more psychostick.

  9. Thank you, ohh Tassness.

  10. there definitely should be 5... although 1 of them is a previously released widget song from 07 that i re-did to be released 5 days from now and moved to funk.

  11. No fair xD

  12. 2k credits left

  13. :D :D :D
    I <3 Radical Rat, so gay for this file.

  14. zomgbusrideswithpeoplezomg

  15. yay <3

  16. Thanks for the quick response :D

  17. A new secret song? Now my goal is set for 150k instead of 125k credits......I have work to do. >_<

  18. damn 150k.. i only have 6k lol

  19. That song's pretty sick! Kinda reminds me of when ==Planet Karma== came out. The melody is intriguing.

  20. sweet I just broke 200k :D

  21. I wish I had enough credits to play it.

  22. k

  23. Wow new songs, yay xD.

  24. so like, where is the 6th song?

  25. 150 k? I only have 39k,anyone have some spare cred? :(

  26. there was a time where 100k was the max for secret songs

  27. Really enjoyed Radical Rat. Took me like 5 times to AAA. =D

  28. You're laggin it tass

  29. disturbedddddd

  30. disturbedddddd

  31. la campanella is sewper wtf

  32. Are these things like once a month updates now?

  33. la campanella is fun. lol.

  34. la campanella isnt fun :[ radical rat <3