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I'm Kyler. I love to skate, and make music.
Ben Stiller..
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mrpreggers writes...
at 7:08:23pm on 7/27/15
What happened to Shrek?
mrpreggers writes...
at 2:56:49pm on 1/19/15
my nigga the stingewagon
Tim Allen writes...
at 6:46:16am on 8/20/14
my nigga the stingewagon
xXGothicChickenXx writes...
at 4:37:01pm on 7/7/14
Nm H0w ABOut YOu? H0w G03z It?! ^_^
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 9:04:15am on 7/2/14
aa bb cc dd ee ff gg hh ii jj kk ll mm nn oo pp qq rr ss tt uu vv ww xx yy zz XD
xXGothicChickenXx writes...
at 4:03:29am on 7/2/14
H3y Dud3 ^^_^^
Hakulyte writes...
at 3:42:30pm on 7/1/14
aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh,ii,jj,kk,ll,mm,nn,oo,pp,qq,rr,ss,tt,uu,vv,ww,xx,yy,zz,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,00 much love <3
RNGRX writes...
at 6:20:25pm on 3/13/13
Fourth person to post on your wall.
ffr212 writes...
at 3:47:02am on 1/24/13
Your details section.....I lol'd; 7/10.
Synthlight writes...
at 10:43:55pm on 1/22/13
First person to post on your wall.