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My name is Syite, there isn't much to say about me. If you want to know more about me just ask. Skype - Syite
Music, FFR, Guitar Hero, Playing Real Guitar, Talking to Friends
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Arch Enemy, Between the Buried and Me, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Dir En Grey, Dethklok, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, HIZAKI Grace Project, Lamb of God, Maximum the Hormone, Protest the Hero, and many more.
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IDK, I don't think I have a favorite, but I bet it would be scary as hell if I did =)
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Posted on: August 15, 2013, at 09:02:28pm   [1 comment]
Officially. A lot of you question my scores, and when I do mediocre on a song with a specific skillset and you compare it to a song I did very well on that has a completely different skillset to try and "prove" that I'm cheating is just plan BS.

On top of that reverting to the basic theme to show judge and life difficulties and videos, albeit low quality, to show me playing. However I don't care anymore, I remember when people would actually be proud that you are making some kind of progress instead of constantly thinking everyone is a cheater.

I wouldn't have even bothered playing a game, let alone post scores of it, if I had cheated. I am a gamer, and pushing my limits and my skills to their absolute limit is what I live for and nothing else.

If that isn't enough for you then I feel really bad for your close-minded ignorance. It was fun FFR, but it has become too elitist and way too childish from even most of the senior members.

Posted on: June 7, 2013, at 04:59:27pm   [1 comment]
It's official, my internet hates this site. I'm a fantastic SM player, but as soon as I play anything that requires internet my MA goes to shit. Oh well I guess It's just SM for me. It's been fun FFR, I'll be around every once in a while, and I'll most likely still give out user generated prizes for the officials but I don't think I shall be playing here anymore :/
Posted on: January 30, 2013, at 01:55:04pm   [0 comments]
For those of you that don't know me I am kind of like the ultimate underdog in D4 right now, I moved up from D1 to D4 in just the past month so I'm not exactly sure how long I will last but I'm going to do my best.

Round 1 - Touch Me(58): AAA
Round 2 - Walk On Water(59): AAA
Round 3 - Slam the Door (Rogue Remix)(65): AAA
Round 4 - Quark(71): 4-1-0-6
Round 5 - Into Your Eyes (Boyinaband Remix)(82): 19-7-2-11 [ELIMINATED]

Final Placement - 16th
Posted on: January 22, 2013, at 01:21:22am   [0 comments]
Just wanted to start a thought about my growing skill :)
12-14-12 placed D1
12-25-12 moved up to a D2
01-05-13 placed in D3 for psychoangel691's nostalgia tourney
01-22-13 officially placed in D4 for the 8th official tourney
So basically I averaged moving up a division worth of skill every 13 days, from D3 to D4 in a single tourney.
That's quite a feat in my eyes :J
Posted on: November 13, 2012, at 12:10:45pm   [1 comment]
I think it is finally time that I start spending some serious gameplay improving my profile's "stats" so to speak. my AVG.rank, FC's, AAA's, skill tokens, I'll try to get some tier points but IDK if I'm good enough to really get any -.-

8th Official D4-16th
Earned vrofl
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Unlocked Otaku Speedvibe (Heavy)
Rank - 1,039
AVG - 4,075
AAA - 120
FC - 500
TP - 44