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Posted on: June 8, 2011, at 04:44:05am   [1 comment]
Other than being known as the most popular player in runescape. His name has become a slang term to address someone particularly addicted to something. Usually online gaming.
1) Dude...quit before you become a zezima.
2) What are you trying to do? Become zezima?
3) Look a zezima.

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SD_dk writes...
at 8:05:23pm on 1/27/17
what you say?? lol :3
Rapta writes...
at 8:59:35pm on 4/15/15
i remember u, u dah guy who said i upload a ton of ffr vids when i had 400 vids. now i have 850
sweet cherry writes...
at 12:35:23pm on 7/12/13
SINDDDROWWWWW been so long omg D: howd u been??
SethColeman writes...
at 8:37:32pm on 3/1/13
i watched the whole pokemon battle
Tyrenzi writes...
at 5:19:29am on 10/26/12
Blah! been a while, what's up?
GotSkittles writes...
at 2:46:38am on 7/5/12
your avatar is soooo freikin loling all over my house right now xD
HugzandKisses writes...
at 8:05:18pm on 6/28/12
Well it's summer (:
Are you doing anything?
circle_q writes...
at 9:17:58pm on 6/26/12
hmmm and how does one do that?
HugzandKisses writes...
at 9:57:57am on 6/24/12
What's good?
circle_q writes...
at 1:20:06am on 6/24/12
apshhhhhhhhhh not even! what times do you get on? I swear youre not gettin on when I do on purpose huh =_=
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