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Sarahbear x3

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20, taken by the amazing Sterlin, I play every now and then. RARELY.
College Student
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Horror and Comedy.
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AngelxAshes writes at 7:34:37am on 6/6/12
So. How are you ? :3
bitchslapp writes at 10:09:25pm on 6/4/12
BACON STIPS BITCHES!! lol how are you lady :P
AngelxAshes writes at 4:49:43pm on 6/4/12
Damn what it ?
knuckles2224 writes at 4:27:51am on 6/4/12
Anyways, good morning, your day most likely won't start off well lol but stay positive :)
knuckles2224 writes at 4:22:32am on 6/4/12
Eh, life isn't easy, but no need for murder. You seem like a strong girl, I'm sorry that people can be assholes, try not to let them get to you? it's your life, you enjoy it.
Blu3Dream writes at 12:25:08am on 6/4/12
whats the number
Blu3Dream writes at 12:00:13am on 6/4/12
what about cell # or aim ?
Blu3Dream writes at 11:36:24pm on 6/3/12
hey you get a skype or facebook
ll sephirothll writes at 11:29:59pm on 6/3/12
on your face!! *points at profile picture* :D
GretchenV writes at 11:29:55pm on 6/3/12
Hey Sarah! Not a scene chick ;)