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I like to run and play FFR.
Marathon running / Gymnastics / Parkour/Freerunning / Alto Sax / Violin
Fav Music:
Coldplay / Incubus / Dropkick Murpheys
Fav Movies:
Avatar / The Hunger Games / The Great Escape / Star Wars I-VI / The Road to Eldorado / The Count of Montie Cristo / Law Abiding Citizen / The Breakfast Club / Date Night / Knight and Day
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LaZboy77 writes...
at 3:37:12pm on 6/5/13
Yes. Yes I would.
Also, I never use this profile anymore. I only made this one because I forgot the password to the one I'm currently using.
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 2:20:42am on 5/30/13
Would you be interested in doing a saxophone collab with other FFR members?
may_17 writes...
at 9:22:15am on 12/25/12
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 10:56:37pm on 6/19/12
I know what you mean about jazz soloing, it's easy to play in the style, but it's hard to get the ideas flowing while soloing. I usually play classical saxophone music and etudes. I play from the fehrling book, bassi etudes, some red book, and pieces by Bozza, Creston, and the Glazenouv concerto, to name a few.
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 10:30:10pm on 6/17/12
What are some of your favorite saxophone pieces to play?
Setre_ILYHARUMI writes...
at 5:26:23pm on 6/17/12
I figured I'd just use this one, because I have a bunch of time on this one, so it would be easier to get Vet, and in the future I'm sure we'd be able to change our names, so I figured why not, I have to get my score back though :/
TheSaxRunner05 writes...
at 2:29:31pm on 6/17/12
I play alto sax and run too, just not as far or fast =)
MarathonMan_94 writes...
at 9:57:49am on 6/16/12
Ran 10 miles today. What's worse than a Riverside public restroom? A Riverside public restroom with no toilet paper.
Krystal Sharz writes...
at 8:22:25am on 6/14/12
That Avatar... I laugh every time. ;-)
Servals writes...
at 11:05:39pm on 6/13/12
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