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About me:
Hey, my name is Tyler. I'm 21 years old. I live by GOD'S Word. Music is my passion... If you would like to get to know me, add me on facebook below.
GOD, music, poetry, dancing, and photography.
Fav Music:
Worship, and dubstep.
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2EdgedVictory writes...
at 1:40:15am on 11/29/15
I love the username! Man is fallen and weak and can never save you. Only God is strong, I do believe :)
Emi! writes...
at 9:30:01am on 8/31/12
JiZ35 writes...
at 11:33:19am on 8/29/12
Free JiZ53
AquaTeen writes...
at 5:15:15pm on 7/27/12
I miss you Tyler :( We totally need to talk a lot more often :) <3
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 2:55:05pm on 7/10/12
im on every day!!! but hey!!! :D
lol im only on every day cuz im on my laptop all the time so between doing my online class and other shit i come on here from time to time throughout the day (:
usapon writes...
at 11:50:44pm on 6/20/12
thanks. :')
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 8:43:23pm on 6/20/12
np mate! how are things? you gonna join the official tournament coming up?
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 7:40:51pm on 6/20/12
im on like once a day just cuz theres like one person that i always talk to on here. i forgive you (:
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 4:14:40pm on 6/16/12
No worries. :)
kairi50 writes...
at 11:10:25pm on 6/13/12
Im doing alright and urself tyler? :)
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