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im 22 aka [grandma sass] & im an arrow banging addict.
.my goal is to become a [MOD] and marry Borat
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electro;reggaeton. hip-hop-, techno,house <3
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only scary and funny movies allowed or gtfo.
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Arm Cramps, Index Vs. Spread, Dead ppl
Posted on: December 4, 2010, at 11:55:24pm   [2 comments]
Have u ever played a REALLY fast complicated song on ffr and your fingers/writst/arm cramped? That ''feeling'' of repetitive muscle constriction is how rigamortis -the body stiffening after death- {NO I CANT SPELL IT, TOO CRANKY AND LAZY TO SPELLCHECK} is believed to feel. Give it a try right now by holding your palm out; face up in front of you. Now make a tight fist; do this as fast as u possibly can and over and over and over. opening and closing the fist; until you feel the stiffening of the muscles in your arm and hand. Congratulations! You now know what a 10 hour old corpse would feel, IF he/she could feel :D

Point of this story is that i think my love of ffr is either beginning to give me carpal tunnel or arthritis, i may need a change of pace.

H'okay, so im deb8ing whether or not to attempt switching to SPREAD. I currently and always have; played 3 finger INDEX. w/ arrow keys. Im noticing index is gr8 for certain patterns and songs, but tends to get complic8ded. Fingers tend to knock into one another, constant streams are VERY difficult, running manz, etc. Its gr8 for jumps, trills, and such tho..its a double edged sword.

So im dabbling with the Spread option w/ diff keys. Everytime i try, my brain takes a dump and fingers dont react properly.becuase my ''fingers'' arent trained to hit a different set of keys in that fashion. Im not sure if i wanna take the time to learn a new style but its worth a shot i guess. (im not sticking to it yet, hold the applause)
And ive noticed the arm cramps start ALOT sooner for me this way)
So pardon all the low scores you're gonna see.

What do u idiots think are good keys to configure for spread usage? NOTE: keep it clean....pervs. No D,I,C,K p00p, F A I L, G I N E, etc.

Wow i typed alot. im completely bored. And u love this.

what do u ppl do to reduce LAG?
Posted on: December 1, 2010, at 05:56:30am   [2 comments]
so whn im playing i get this random choppy/fog lag every 15 secs,(on all engines,) according to my google chrome browser, i have the latest Flash. plus i've cleared my flash & cache..some ppl suggested Flash8 standalone,othrs say that its a pain, ANY IDEAS

**EDIT** 12/4: I'VE GOT GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS. THE GOOD NEWS IS LAG IS TOTALLY GONE!! The bad news is im not gonna tell u how i got the good news, but the BEST news that I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Gieco.

Posted on: November 27, 2010, at 10:07:55pm   [1 comment]
i like big...combos and i cannot lie,

u other nerds cant deny

When I triple Ace 'Bomb The Base' own the place, then a look .. be.. on.. my.. face.. thats just STUNNED!

When you finish it up,
''Bro you know that song was TOUGH!''

sweat, wet. banging arrows like hookers in Viet,

Oh Baybee, i want yo level
So Do a song with treble.

Im hooked on those skill tokens,

My Left arrow key be broken.
Im tired of n00b scene queens,
Saying 'sassy's being mean'

(more later when i think of it)

My MilkShake...Re-Done
Posted on: November 27, 2010, at 03:37:05am   [0 comments]
Mine milkshake bringeth all yon gentlefolk to mine´╗┐ yard. And lo, they reply: "'Tis better than thine!" Verily, 'tis better than thine. I shall apprentice thee, but I wouldst levy a fee.

* and or *

My whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of males´╗┐ to my place of residence and/or employment, and it far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it surpasses yours. I can convey to you this recipe, but I have to demand compensation

Posted on: June 13, 2009, at 01:14:57pm   [3 comments]
I was reading old comments n such & so happy some of u guys remember me n such...ty I MIZZ U GUYS ,theres too many to name but u know who u arez. xoxo so, HARRO to all my frents ! if u wants my contact info, lemme knoes:D



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Hazelle writes...
at 7:57:20pm on 11/6/17
I miss ya and the old days. Come here sometime
TSB_f33nux writes...
at 6:13:56am on 11/10/13
i know you still get on this thing, where you at foo?
TSB_*OutLaw* writes...
at 1:19:06am on 5/26/13
outlaws in the building
Exelis writes...
at 4:18:59am on 5/24/12
sawppp nigga
TSB_[Fusion] writes...
at 5:15:54pm on 5/6/12
hey gyal :) i missed u too. been remembering the old days and stuff :) how u been doing
TSB_[Fusion] writes...
at 11:50:43am on 4/18/12
guess who's here :)
championanwar writes...
at 6:15:58am on 1/23/11
Heyyyyy! Sorry I couldn't reply I was in another tab >:
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at 7:02:51pm on 12/7/10
awts :3
* writes...
at 12:46:59am on 12/6/10
i threw up and it looked like your face.
so i fucked it
Rebirth0 writes...
at 4:15:17pm on 12/5/10
playing FFR is not what is up. I've been doing college shit and working. too lazy to get back into the game
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