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Posted on: June 22, 2013, at 02:06:54pm

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  1. I commented in the wrong area. Please delete the other one.

  2. go for itttttttttttttttttt

  3. why voting up my profile?

  4. Cause I want to know why

  5. Thank you for the friend request! :)

  6. Keepin' it classy.


  8. So what did you think of Hardcore Syndrome 7? I thought it was kind generic sounding IMO compared to the previous albums. Goemon is really cool though. Probably my new favorite kors k song now.

  9. You will if you check your PM inbox. ;)

  10. Yeah i totally know that now lol. Im too lazy to edit it, but i said it was my first guru AAA which is technically correct and the title of the RT is FGO. So no harm done :3

  11. Thanks for coming to my aid. I was very hurt by that ban.

  12. Thanks and you too! :)

  13. Hey you (:

  14. I'm alright thank you, yourself?

  15. Well I'm glad to hear that (: . So whats new?

  16. That's good, and really nice of you

  17. You're welcome (:

  18. I know you want to post again

  19. When we were stuck in an endless loop.

  20. Ok, it's changed. Not that it matters now. Just got back from work.

  21. Sorry if I'm not talkative on Skype. I've never been good with chatting with people 1 on 1.

    Fiction posted this as soon as you left lol

  23. lol we were singing Cody please come back!

  24. A Skype call wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm always online in the mid-afternoon and late at night until 4a.m. CST usually. I'm very shy with calls, so I hope you're more talkative than I am.

  25. Understandable. Wouldn't be the first time. :P I actually work at 4p.m. CST which is 5 your time, so that's not a good time for me unless I'm off. We could message whenever, since I go invisible while working, but not call.

  26. Hello, what's up?

  27. playing age of conan lol

  28. Hello :3

  29. How are you doing? :]

  30. i'm doing alright. i was supposed to be in class online right now, but the teacher didn't have the class link up, so i can't get into class...oh well. What are you up to? (don't say "nm".) lol

  31. lol okay. and yes, they are....sigh, can't wait to go back to school....tired to take a pictures of my assignments and sent them to teachers already... Oh, ima be away soon cuz ima go help mom clean sooo. hmm, Do you have any plan for today?

  32. ... :/ that sucks.....that prof reminded me of my chem teacher this strict..can't stand it...i turned my assignments on time, but she marked them -_-

  33. lol wow...that sucks..i hate when that happen..made me feel frustrating. and lol cody, i was wondering why you didn't reply. xDD you commented on your own wall...

  34. Yeah, oops. xD Silly cody, silly cody.

  35. Codeine~

  36. You sir, have the strangest Skype statuses. :p

  37. Do you have a 3DS?

  38. Ok. Even if you don't have it yet, I can add you into the Skype room if you want since it's "The FFR 3DS Club," even though everyone is mainly talking about X/Y right now.

  39. 20% Cooler

  40. .....get on skype......

  41. I finally subscribed to you on YouTube heh. I rarely check my email, so I didn't see your message until now.

  42. sigh....oh cody....

  43. Oh alright. Yeah, YouTube needs to quit making changes every other day. I don't like that they connected Google+ to it either.

  44. I don't want to be D6 cause it's hard, but maybe my skill is only for D5

  45. I am happy.

  46. There was no vigor in yesterday. ._.
    btw, congrats for jackpot!

  47. lol It had not been decided yet.
    thanks anyway. xD

  48. Codeine~

  49. I moved back home, that's about it lol

  50. Lol i know


  52. How are you?

  53. I'm a little sick x.x

  54. Thanks ^-^

  55. LOL dude ur background makes me sick, like i mean I love me some monkeys, we got a gorilla for sale a magilla gorilla for sale.. but LOL i cant read nothin
    maybe its cuz ur mind is like an enigma... ;D

  56. damn bro im throwin the old school cartoon reference AND a dank old school spongebob quote AYYYY lmaooo

  57. damn bro im throwin the old school cartoon reference AND a dank old school spongebob quote AYYYY lmaooo

  58. yo honestly though I agree with you on arch0wl, I think its fuckin stupid how he comes into this forum out of nowhere, posts links to his shit articles or whatever and leaves, its not like hes actually playing the game, making content etc.. so dumb
    he definitely acts like hes super smart too yo I completely see what you mean, at the same time I'm conflicted cause he's a FFR legend as well - i dont think that lets him act like a douche though, but either way im scared of posting in that thread cuz i got too many warnings/infractions :p

  59. wuzzzzzzzup monkey man!

  60. twenty five billion points. good game, good job.

  61. Hey SC, it is gonna be fun to play agains you because you are the one i always compare in scoreboard to see if i did good n_n

  62. Yeah we are both level 61 n_n

  63. Hey i finally reached you on the Rank Leaderboard -_n