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Posted on: December 9, 2012, at 05:50:38am   [1 comment]
(X) All 1-5's AAA 9/12/2012
(X) All 6-10's AAA 24/12/2015
( ) All 11-15's AAA
( ) All 16-20's AAA

(X) 200 AAA 9/12/2012
(X) 300 AAA 24/12/2015
(x) 400 AAA 2021

(X) 800 FC 22/01/2013
(X) 900 FC 25/12/15
(x) 1000 FC 25/07/15
(x) 1100 FC 2021

(X) Below 800 Av Rank 15/01/2013
(X) Below 700 Av Rank 23/01/2016
(X) Below 650 Av rank 08/07/2016
(X) Below 600 Av rank
(X) Below 550 Av rank 01/01/2017 new year baby

(x) Skill Rank 57 05/08/16
(x) Skill Rank 62 D4 finally 03/01/16
(x) Skill Rank 63 wtf 03/01/16

Best overall songs:
Southern Cross
Powerpuff Gabberz
Only Natural

Best Stepcharts:
Music Maker RX

Worst Songs/Charts EVER:
Submission Rules
My Little Pony Medley [Heavy] (Definition of soulless boring stepchart)
Anything in rock that is 4+ minutes long

Comment wall
axith writes...
at 3:47:52pm on 11/1/21
hey figlar, this link will get you to the options page that you can turn PMs back on:
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 10:29:59am on 11/1/21
Dude, congrats on the win! You were definitely my biggest competition in the tourney!
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 1:23:03pm on 10/28/21
Thanks man! Best of luck to you, too! Let's make the Canadians in D2 the top 2!
Rivaloo writes...
at 10:54:03am on 2/14/21
13 billion gt
FFP_D0pey writes...
at 2:44:00pm on 1/27/21
congrats on them 1200 fcs my guy
Kawaii025 writes...
at 11:15:34am on 12/17/16
Eyyy -- wrong file submitted. :p
Kawaii025 writes...
at 12:40:33am on 12/10/16
I couldn't include you in the PM, but I just wanted to tell you that the Tournament of Randomness has begun! Check the op for song information and good luck! :)
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 6:10:08pm on 8/13/16
I procrastinated way too long to post Round 4; I'm sorry. I haven't been motivated to post the next round because there haven't been that many people that posted scores for Round 3, so I'm going to give everyone more time. I want to make sure everyone still knows this tournament is still going on because I feel like a lot of people forgot about it. I'll try to PM everyone in the tournament tomorrow.
Round 3 will end on the 16th at 10:00 p.m. erver Time/ 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time, and 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time!
I really want you to have fun. :)
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 10:36:54pm on 7/20/16
Don't forget to take screenshots for Spin It Up to be placed in a Division soon!
top writes...
at 2:39:51pm on 6/29/16
Another 06er huh? Nice. Crazy to think this sites been a part of my life for a DECADE >_>
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