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Also known as Kyrodo on FurAffinity. Programmer and gamer. Currently work for Inland Software Solutions. I'm also the programmer who worked on Indie Assault (before I left), and currently developing Ascension X.
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Power Metal
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-Lioness- writes...
at 6:34:03pm on 12/14/09
You're welcome, thanks for the vote too. :D
KodaFalken writes...
at 4:24:02am on 12/14/09
Hey grats on that. Me and a friend did the same too back in the day. then he became a Father and went his own way XD. his little girl is just a cutely. :D
KodaFalken writes...
at 5:41:47am on 12/11/09
Thanks mate. your Profile is wonderful too. and I have to say I like your profile better then mine. anyways ya i have been all over the place. so I have been busy and dont get on much here anymore saddly. I more sign in to say hello to all of you :)
Typin_Dude writes...
at 6:59:00pm on 11/13/09
ive been good. tired, but good. you?
Typin_Dude writes...
at 1:56:55pm on 11/13/09
np, whats up?
KodaFalken writes...
at 7:51:04pm on 11/11/09
hey hows it going :)
husky pup writes...
at 2:18:35am on 10/8/09
Since you like the running woofie soo much,ill put another one down :p
husky pup writes...
at 1:59:24am on 10/7/09
not much,just bored :/
How about you?
btw I really like your profile =)
Stars are very relaxing
husky pup writes...
at 2:59:02am on 10/3/09
Hello old friend :)
Enjoy This Dancing Monkey
UnluckySoul writes...
at 5:48:16pm on 9/12/09
no prob =]
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