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Light can also be tainted by the slightest bit of Darkness. . . That's why we need friends and buddies to be there for us when we need them the most. But of course, you gotta know who your real friends are, looks can be deceiving. Always try to look at life in a more positive way and continue to live on for the people who truly care about you, and also. .do it for yourself as well
You'll never know >=D
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I listen to anything
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Cool one's
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Zauriel writes at 3:15:26am on 9/24/18
I shall always believe in you... my beautiful husky T.T
Zauriel writes at 3:34:12pm on 9/18/18
Zauriel writes at 11:27:35am on 1/22/18
Hope you are okey meoww
Dinglesberry writes at 2:56:28am on 1/22/17
Lol better love story than twilight, that feel when husky pup never camed back :( v
Zauriel writes at 12:34:21am on 5/24/16
PLEASE I beg you to vome T.T....
Zauriel writes at 12:24:28am on 5/24/16
Cheek your pm
Zauriel writes at 12:21:45am on 5/24/16
I am still here, I hope is not late u.u
Nega Master writes at 8:24:59pm on 11/16/15
Fuck husky. I'm trying to contact zauriel but all I have is my fucking iPod touch and Gmail. Da hell do I do?
Nega Master writes at 9:56:33pm on 9/5/15
Hey husky, it's me, eternal life, on my other permanent account. I miss you
Eternal Life writes at 9:51:25pm on 9/5/15
Husky I'm deactivating this account. Like closing it. If you wanna talk or pm me you'll have to use my other account (username: nega master)